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Back last week eight four solo tackle. We talk all the time about what an offense of juggernaut marrying is. And now we talk about what a great defensive standing. Tonight tonight, really single handily won the game. They had not given up on a touchdown from the line of scrimmage until tonight. You know like week and the one that gave up tonight because we had another point. That was rented all the way down to one yard line. So. Touchdowns that we've given up the last two weeks on blocked kicks football teams defense. Absolutely unbelievable. Whether they're going to need every bit of it, obviously when the turn begins next week, and I I know everyone's excited as they should be. But they they are in for a challenge show next weekend. Yeah. We we will have to play being married. We'll have to play the three probably best teams in our sexual which in a row, we'd be held tonight. Followed by ball by Santa right? Nothing comes easy nothing. Does Jim Brenner WBZ in Marion on the Saint Vincent sports performance. Hotline Marian fourteen eleven winners over Harrison, Lafayette, Jim as always great to talk to you talk to you tomorrow about Indiana Wesleyan, Bobby. Thank you. Thanks so much coming up much more high school football got a great game to talk about Michelle Walker pin overtime. We'll talk about that one plus rights in modern day. Always a great matchup scoreboard coming up with rob kindle, I'm Bob level. This is Indiana sports talk..

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