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And so it just seems like a real miscarriage of justice for like I would prefer a blinking snub to this particular combination of nominations so that's interesting. I was surprised that <hes> homecoming the Amazon on series didn't get nominations. I'm especially in opera. Julia Roberts because you know it doesn't feel like that long ago whenever that when a giant celebrity made a T._v.. Show it was a big deal <hes> and it was like Oh my God. Can you believe it doesn't feel like they're stooping to do ATV but it still feels like a surprise <hes> and yeah homecoming wasn't particularly buzzy. I think that maybe Kinda had a brief moment and then sort of receded into the General Scrum of P T._v.. But still you know when Julia Roberts can't get an emmy nomination that just shows how competitive the market is and just how many shows there are yet it is interesting because fleabag <hes> kind of launched Amazon to a good year you know with Mazel and fleabag they've kind of they've got to back to back yeah all Maazel nominations. It got the most nominations after game of thrones <hes> which I guess just show Sonia that you and I are D- what the only people who didn't likes listen to this surprising to me. I don't understand what they see it but this really does go back to this whole thing about their now. They're locked in there watching the show Oh and then it's like there's just so much more room to give them some leeway. I guess with me with talent with style. It still looks beautiful. I'll give and they also like nominated like I don't think Luke Kirby got a nomination for the first season but he plays Lenny Bruce Awesome is really great like a it gives room for the deep bench of people who are on that show right. Yes it's not just Rachel rows ahead and Alex Abortion and actually speaking of House of cards <hes> Robin Rate and Michael Kelly Net nominated which again I think indicates that like even when these shows our lake disgraced or ending cancelled or whatever when people are locked in when when voters are locked in there still watching these shows they care about yeah. I think I think that was kind of like a I was somewhat expecting robin right to get nomination as a sort of like good job you for soldiering. I don't know I don't know rhapsody thing like usurp. The bad man mission you've got rid of the Batman and you carry it on Youtube Michael Kelly you did it. I don't know the I did want to talk about something that that Mike in Mike's Absence I was on the Mike loves to talk about which is the like double triple threats or whatever they get nominated so Jason Bateman getting nominated for acting and directing Natasha Leeann getting nominated for acting and writing for Russian doll phoebe while bridge acting and reading fleabag Bill Hader directing writing enacting berry and these these triple double threats are the people that Mike Lakes Assay often win like it's why you see like sort of like Donald Glover's. I'm like you know like a ah the when someone has so many talents brimming over so many talents that the television county often likes to award them with a win but do we think in that actress category and the Comedy Series Actors category does anyone have actual actual shot against Julian louis-dreyfuss or is this just like sort of the victory lap for Julia and veep. I think that the moon would have to crash before anybody one that emmy besides Julia Julia Louis Dreyfus Yeah. It's really hard to imagine especially because she didn't win. Last year like Richard Brosnahan got her year to try it so it doesn't feel as exhausting as it might have if it were just a nonstop streak. It's not just the cheapest great. It's not just the Julia Louis Dreyfus Great. It's that that it was last season's that she had cancer. The narrative is all the lineup of actresses who were nominated leg. It's such an amazing group of people like it is just exciting to think about the mall in one place and like Tasha Leone talking if he'd be waller bridge edge talking to Catherine O'Hara oh my God Catherine O'Hara getting nominated Hillary mentioned Shits Creek at the top but like we talked a little bit about it last week is a show that kind of got bumped.

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