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Berg teams Dick Lobo, Bill cower 19 nineties They get to the Super Bowl in 1995, ultimately losing to the Cowboys, but they were great. They were in the championship game a bunch of times those years. He was so intimidating as a force. It is time for the Navy Federal Credit Union defensive player of the week sponsored by Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the armed Forces, D O D D veterans and their families. Their their members are the mission. Learn more at Navy federal dot org. Corner. Riley Moss, two pick sixes and Iowa's 34 6 Blowout win over Indiana. Oh, Was the Hoosiers last year a fraud Saturday. The defensive standout also didn't allow a completion to six targets in coverage. Trash. Tuesday. Eric in Central Cal, send Cal tweets. I'm trashing parents who forced kids and theme parks rides If your kid is screaming and crying through the entire line, and while on the ride, let them sit this one out, not only ruining it for everyone else you're there, mainly for that poor child as well. Trash bee beep sanitation just arrived. Transito tweets. I'm trashing cooler. Since when do you have to decide your future When determining a purchase on the nearly $500 Yeti. I now have to decide whether or not to get a car or a cooler trash of so frustrating. It is amazing the price wars and the cooler wars now You know, you used to go to target or dicks or whatever. And pick up an igloo cooler for like 13 bucks. 27 bucks. Maybe the really big ones. 42 bucks. Now you're like, uh, cool. There's only 270 bucks. That's a good deal. That looks really heavy duty there and don't get me wrong. I get caught of this. Every single time. I was walking through dicks not too long ago, And they had this big stack of yeti coolers than the other coolers that are like, you know, trying to be the yeti cooler, something look at him like Do I need? I've only got six coolers. Do I need 1/7? That one looks really good. That's got like that pocket, and it's got that extra spaces guy like that with the levers and the latches, huh? Maybe I need 1/7 cooler. Andrew Bogus has our headlines. Bogue's what we got. D a week one of college football ended with all miss putting a 43 24 hurting on Louisville and Atlanta last night. It was 26 nothing intermission. Cardinal QB Malik Cunningham had just 17 passing yards at that point blank if and feeling good after his guys took care of business while he was home with Covid. Just really proud of our players and coaches to handle a curve ball like that, and go play on the national stage really well against a quality team gave people a lot of problems year ago. Giffin says he feels better and expects to coach Saturday against Austin P. Randy Edsall is out now as UConn head coach. He first said on Sunday he'd stepped down after the season after losing to Holy Cross Saturday. UConn is six and 32/4 plus seasons in Edsel's second stint as coach, Steelers pass. Russia T J want may stay out through Sunday's opener still looking for a new contract, what has been at training camp and practice but not doing any team drills. Seahawks left tackle Duane Brown returned to practice yesterday with his agent and a team about to agree on some contractual adjustments. Brown will play Sunday's opener with the Colts Raven's tight end Mark Andrews. As a new four year extension, reportedly guarantees in $37.6 million. His team, meanwhile, worked out Levian Bell and Devante Freeman yesterday. Things got a little tighter in the N L East on Monday. Here's the pitch and a swing and a drive Well hit left field. This one's got a chance yell..

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