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Your mind man Ten 48 Ready to Kessler's in the traffic center If you're on the beltway watch for the delay in perch George's county this is the inner loop slowdown before two ten headed onto the Woodrow Wilson bridge It is in the through lanes the right lane is blocked with the work Also on the interleukin branch avenue a report of some debris along the left side of the roadway keep an eye out for response that is showing up to the scene outer loop delays in Maryland after old Georgetown road around past the big curve This is work along the right side Also on the beltway post directions the ramps to westbound 66 watch for the work along the left side of the ramp where we're seeing the delays on the outer loop out of Tyson's headed onto the ramp to westbound 66 In the district the eastbound freeway after the 12th street expressway the work in the right lane delays begin on northbound three 95 after The Pentagon southbound 95 slows crossing the aqua Kwan but then good all the way into Fredericksburg while on 66 westbound after one 23 the work in the right lane After 29 in Centreville you also lose the right lane and eastbound 66 after the manassas rest area The work is in the right lane If you're in Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway the delays northbound near for ten now headed past the beltway in the green belt This is the mobile work crew along the left side They're supposed to head all the way toward one 75 Southbound two tenure Wilson bridge drive the work schedule to be along the right side seeing a delay in the northbound direction as well headed toward Kirby hill road So there may be some work there in the northbound direction At Weibo what matters to you matters to us put your family's future first with rape as group term life insurance visit W AEP a dot org today I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Let's check in live down with storm team four is Lauren ricketts and other cool one today It is certainly cold out there right now And we are going to continue to see temperatures rise into the mid to upper 40s Just.

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