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Conspiracy theory born online. Took over the Republican Party sent followers to Congress on with Donald Trump incited a mob that attack the capital and murdered a cop. Then Trump and Republicans in Congress decided with violent cumin mob covers from Mike Garcia to have stood with us, but he was a coward. People did to protect Trump Congressman Mike Garcia. He stood with Q. Not you. Did you see she's responsible for the content of this advertising. Scott, one of the Hill newspaper. The hill dot com is following this story. He is joining us on the phone here in Washington. How would you best describe exactly what is going on within the Republican Party? Wealthy? You know, what we're saying is is the two wings of the Republican Party, the pro Trump wing and the establishment wing, really battling it out for control of the party in this post, Trump Post president Trump World on so What we're seeing is is, uh, this battle exemplified by these two Republican lawmakers, one Liz Cheney, who we know very well. The daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, who is one of the highest ranking Republican leader in in Congress, Uh, female leader and Marjorie Taylor Greene, who exemplifies the pro Trump wing. She is ah. Uh, very conservative lawmaker. She has been, uh, identified by her belief and many of these conspiracy theories, um, you know, concerning 9 11 concerning mass school shootings, and so, uh, we're seeing this play out really? In the next couple days here, things are really coming to a head where Kevin McCarthy and the Republican Conference in the house will have to decide the fate of these two leaders, you know? Will Marjorie Taylor Greene be ousted from her committee assignments because of some of these extreme beliefs that she holds that? Many in the party seat as toxic to the party and whether it Liz Cheney because she supported the impeachment of President Trump. Will she face that backlash and be removed as the GOP conference chairwoman? Uh, we should know the answer to both of those questions, probably in the next 48 hours, and we already know that Liz Cheney is going to be challenged in their home state. But in terms of support, or lack thereof among her House Republican colleagues, how much pressure is there to remove her from the number three position in the house? Well, I think there are very vocal members of the pro trump wing of the party right now, namely Matt Gates and a handful of others. Andy Biggs, the Freedom Caucus chairman, who are Clamoring for Liz Cheney to either resign as GOP conference chairwoman or to be forced out, and and so what we're sort of waiting to see is whether they call a special meeting of House Republicans tomorrow to weigh that very question whether they take that drastic step I don't think we've seen that step taken the removal of a member of leadership in in decades. Not certainly not in my memory. I don't know if it's ever happened before. Um, but you know, we saw Matt Gates, the Republican pro Trump Republican congressman from Florida travel to Cheney's home district in Wyoming to rally a crowd of Trump supporters in urging chain. His ouster. Um you know that better, certainly something rare that we've seen And so all of these events, um sort of underscore that the tensions in the party right now, as Republicans try to figure out whether to continue to embrace President Trump as the leader of their party. War. As as Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell would say, to try to turn the page on President Trump, Given the fact that he number one, he lost the White House. He cost Republicans in the House of Representatives and the 2018 midterms. And and now he has, uh some would argue that he has cost Republicans control of the Senate. Given that the two Georgia seats flipped in the runoff elections after Trump left office, and so we're seeing this play out in very dramatic form in particular, over these next couple days here, we're talking with Scott walking his work available at the hill dot com Let's turn to House Democrats. And what options they have with regard to pressure to remove the freshman representative from Georgia from her seat. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Yeah, In recent days, we had heard Democrats call on Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader to remove her from two of her committees that she had just recently been assigned as a freshman lawmaker. One is is the Budget committee. The second is much more interesting. The Education and Workforce Committee because Uh, in recent days we have learned, or it's come to light from reporting from CNN and others that she had, uh, you know, she had a spouse, some some conspiracy theorist views that the mass school shootings and Parkland Uh, Florida and Sandy Hook Elementary and Connecticut were hoaxes assed She called them and so That has created added scrutiny with her appointment to the Education committee. Now Democrats are are putting pressure on McCarthy and have continued to do so most recently with a new resolution by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Florida congresswoman, the former DNC chairwoman, who who wants to call a vote on the House floor later this week to remove Mark Retailer Green from those two committees bring that resolution to the House floor, put all House members on record. They say that unless McCarthy takes action first in the next 48 hours they intend to do so. And so this is this is the jam that Kevin McCarthy finds him and he is really between a rock and hard place. He won't He understands that he is under enormous pressure. Um, you know to to distance the party from some of these extremist views by Marjorie Taylor Green At the same time, he cannot alienate Ah lot of these trump supporters who align themselves with Marjorie Taylor Greene and with President Trump. He needs President Trump to activate the base and really turn out Republican voters in the upcoming 2022 midterm election. Hey, he feels he is right on the cusp Because of that narrow majority. He feels he's on the verge of the speakership. But he is having to walk this very fine line of of, you know, not alienating moderate suburban voters while also not alienating the pro Trump base that he'll need Tol to win back the majority and, of course, as the story unfolds, live coverage of the House on C Span Television and your reporting at the Hill newspaper. In the hill. Com Scott one, As always, we thank you for being with us. Thanks, Steve..

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