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Like what you hear catch all the bag episodes of the down and dirty radio show on apple podcast and be sure to rate review and subscribe all right and we are back here on the down attorney radio show powered by pool their razor kind of doing it indy indycar field today indy five hundred any grand prix i am a big indycar fan you know we started this show out and it was strictly road i've always been a motor sports fan of just about everything but nascar just been honest just being on a she goes no this not say i don't appreciate it i just yeah they've got some issues and so now being able to talk about we've grown big enough i guess we're got enough street cred that we can book some indycar interviews nhra interviews and talk like competently about it and you got to build your way up though right you don't start at the top and i'm not saying that starting in off road was starting at the bottom i'm just saying that i was a trophy truck racer i knew what i was talking about and i could competently put on a show about that stuff now the audio quality is bunk back in the beginning but yeah so here we are we fast forward six years boomer at indianapolis motor speedway interviewing indycar drivers right been a world win adventure that's for sure but yeah i'm kind of excited to be to be able to just talk all things motor sport you know just rad stuff right i've always said we're personality driven show where a show about we're not a result show tune in wanted me to give you the rundown on the top twenty drivers or whatever is not going to happen but if you on us just to talk to rad people about rat topics than what are your show so yeah that was today i mean we're we're interviewing couple of rookies i say that loosely i mean zach each obviously ricky and radio sport barabra wiccans i mean this guy's got almost thirty got an insane career he's a rookie indycar driver but he's not a rookie we're seeing that by results but he's coming up in our number two long zach each in my good friend conor daly.

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