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Source. I I was wondering about the county monitoring with and how this will affect that. And when the county monitoring list will be unfrozen, and when it isn't frozen, will the 14 days start from that point, or will you Look back to see if county's could have been removed earlier in terms of schools being able Teo be eligible for the element you waivers and then finally, we were also wondering why it's okay to open child care centers. But not school in the county is better on these. For many months, we've talked about the unique guidelines that we put forth this relates to child care centers, The smaller cohorts. That are a big part of our child care efforts. The work we did on PP the work we did addressing sanitation, and so the guidelines are distinctive. The guidelines are unique, and I'm happy to provide, in fact, will encourage my team to ride you specific details. To bear fruit to that assertion, at least an assertion but also what we've been promoting over the course of many, many months relates to child care for essential workers. Child care to meet the needs of our workforce, particularly our healthcare workers during the peak of this pandemic, so I separate Those two, But the question, I think is a very warranted one accordingly. Thank you for your question, which I do appreciate his relates to looking back at these 38 counties that we last left you that were on the monitoring this So what? We're doing this opportunity to clarify. We're going back to the dates. That's why I want to get the county by county dates, not just throughout. Aggregate numbers, but for the purposes, in particular of understanding at the county level, the approaches and strategies for contact, tracing and understand mitigation has spread in a more dynamic way. County by county is foundational, but also as it relates to re opening our schools, and so we're going to go back. Going to plug in on the basis of those dates will update on the basis of those dates on the county monitoring list. I should just say this, I don't expect Dramatic changes in the monitoring list. There will be some modifications, but I don't expect dramatic changes s O. That is a little bit of a preview, but the reality is we want tohave. Day day, Uh, construct that is advanced, and that's exactly what's being doing being done with the counties over the next 48 72 hours. It's your call ever. Hi, Governor. Thank you for taking a call to questions here. One is looking at the fixes from the state, you know, talked about long term and kind of medium term. How can we immediately turn in terms? Be confident that we won't have this kind of adage again and then? Secondly, I want to push back on this with Dr Angel. I feel like we have the public deserve a little bit clearer explanation must has been focused on the data problems. So why should you know? State health officer have to go in the middle of this Or why is she leaving? I could clean and I think we need to know more. She resigned. She wrote a resignation letter and I accepted her resignation. We're all accountable in our respective roles for what happens underneath us. I don't want to hear any more than that. But if it's not obvious, then I will encourage you to consider the fact that Accept the resignation appreciated her work. Uh, we all have a role in responsibilities relates to what happens within our respective departments. None of this is easy. The technology is always stubborn and challenging on all of these things being assessed all of these things being considered in relationship to what we're doing, going forward with our acting interim DPH director and as relates to our long term strategies on so that's what I can say on this. That's what I think is appropriate to say it and I think that's very clear on DH extent that someone does resign. We accept that resignation if we fill it appropriate, accepted that resignation. Voices. Governor. Thanks for taking a question. My, um, this one's about schools. I know. You know, Orange County's on the watch list. It depends on you know the backlog of cases coming in, and it will stay on that, Watson. But if it does say there's two different regions in the county, North County particularly hit hard Or South County doesn't see the transmission rate in the waiver process would be a chance for some of the cities in South County from the school district that may always sort of the 200 cases per 100,000 people would be able to move forward and open schools. More with the whole county have Tio pullback on school reopened. Now I think that's a wonderful question. And the answer is yes, there's nuances relates to local health officers, local health conditions within districts within counties that we did consider as it relates to the waiver process. But we asked Dr Galley talk about that a little bit Maurin terms of What you could expect from that waiver process within a county is large in particulars. Orange County, I think perfect a poster child for exactly the kind of nuance that needs to be considered as it relates to that waiver strategy. Again. You are listening to this covert 19 briefing here in California on News, 93.1 Cave pecan. Thanks for the question. Indeed, as the governor said the waiver process really allows When a county so that's the entire county meets our threshold. A conversation between those schools in a school district and the county health officer and Public health leaders there to make the decision as to whether that district will move forward. We know that county health officials, health officers are looking broadly at their entire county trying to understand what the transmission is throughout the county to make these decisions, but the first threshold testes Really at the county level, and we hope is the new backlog. Data gets assimilated into our last two weeks of records, and we move forward and we see that trends in hospitalizations and ice levels. We expect and hope continue. Tio come down as they are that more and more counties will have an opportunity to consider the waiver process and determine if it is The right thing for the district's in those counties, Orange County, other counties all included Next question. Final questions here belong to a sect..

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