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For those who are living on the streets we provide free showers restrooms and laundry for homeless individuals many who are working they're actually trying to job trying to get into housing so they have to stay clean and presentable critics of this new tax proposal say this city which draws on a lot of tech workers and therefore attracts a lot of business may end up losing out because critics say that some of those business will not come to seattle or even face the possibility that some businesses might leave the city of seattle where there's no tax for them to pay goals denise whitaker the faa's requiring airlines to do more inspections of engines dot boeing seven thirty sevens after the deadly incident on board a flight last month federal regulators are worried the same thing could happen on other jets with those same engines komo's their reports from seatac airport the feds are taking this extra step because they believe a simple visual inspection won't catch all the potential problems the southwest airlines plane involved in this latest incident right now it's up at paine field a woman from albuquerque was killed when one of the plane's engines came apart mid air sending shrapnel flying into the plane down new air worthiness directive will require airlines to perform inspections on the general electric engine's in question by the end of august it calls for an ultrasonic inspection because the cracks and metal fatigue are not visible to the naked eye the new permanent air worthiness directive lowers the threshold for the ultra sonic inspections and expands the number and this is the big part here of engines requiring inspection that's komo's their hands on the faa is in required more airlines to do these inspections as soon as possible to men charged with animal cruelty and the shooting of.

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