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Of that magnitude I guess in the franchise's history have you with a little differently than other players well there's no question when you talk about guys that are historic players in the National Football League guys are going to the hall of fame guys were going to the eagles hall of fame those guys are special people on special players and you don't have a lot of those during the course of your career and and so you try to make decisions first that are best for the football team and the same time have have respect and appreciation for what guys have done him and what guys have done going forward and it can be part of the organization for a long period of time that's how we respond yesterday ray a basic question for you if the eagles do not believe in Andre Dillard should they want Jason Peters back as a starting left tackle I am a no on this one I really am I and that's it we are too yeah I mean I don't know look at everything they say about him hall of Famer absolutely was not that many years ago the best left tackle in football hands down all of that's true but that we're not talking about that yeah we're talking about what he represents now maybe I'm way off base on this but if they were rock solid believers in Andre Dillard this will be a whole different conversation when even their conversation yeah I mean if if if I mean they they clearly the plan was they drafted Andre Dillard with the idea that they're going to get one more year of Peter's they were gonna let him go save the money and plug the kid and he was going to be your left tackle because they thought he was all that it could be that after one year they're not as sure about that and Jason Peters says I want to play and they're not prepared to cut the cord I I just think it I just need to be a mistake I I just I just need to be a state committee yeah they're talking about he played at a really high level last year really I don't mean I didn't see it I think you get past the idea that you never know from week to week if you're gonna play or how many snaps he was going to play but I'll tell you I just I watched him play I thought he was average you know I really thought I did I just didn't see me is way past the point of being great right and now is it now it is with this guy I saw last year he had some good games but other games we got handled and now you're going to sign on for another year that plus the uncertainty about whether physically hold up I just think this sort of runs counter to all the other stuff how we talk about totally him is he's he's laying out once and for everybody else right now he's got another blueprint at left tackle it's amazing he's no longer the elite nimble athlete at as a left tackle he was that perfect combination of size and athleticism where he could road great you in the run game and you could also you know match foot quickness with anybody he doesn't have either of those things he's getting bull rushed now he's getting beat with speed he's getting beaten beaten not consistently but way more than a good left tackle gets beaten right so yeah he'll help you a great yeah every once in a while but that does not balance out the back I'm with you ray always a pleasure Sir my pleasure fellows that pleasure that day Mister ray Dillinger every Wednesday with this for an entire hour starting at twelve forty five coming up next time you're sure to Kevin generates on the B..