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You're talking those chance to those to university of Texas Colt McCoy major app, I would go major Applewhite. The major up big Colt McCoy fan just because it sounds like the name of the Texas quarterback. Like the Texas quarterback is named cold. I get major Applewhite you order that major Applewhite MARTINI. Yes, I hear what you're saying, you know, Colt McCoy, I get it. But whenever I say the word or see the words major app. What I hear Keith Jackson saying in my head. Well. That's a big plus a hedge fund Hal and order a major Applewhite at a bar. My God lovey dying of thirst. What what does that give us two of those major Applewhite? Straight up. You know, what it is? I need a positive association like that. Because when I think of major apple right now, I think of him as complicit in the criminal activity that was playing at Oliver at three four nose and collar, monsters, honestly. And that's what brought on this entire. If I'm gonna rant about two things leading up to the NFL draft this year, it's going to be Jona Williams and people over thinking him as an offensive tackle guard, not a center in the NFL an offensive tackle in the NFL despite his arm length and then Ed Oliver, and I'm listening. I'm the first person to say, I think Oliver stole the outland trophy from Quinton quickly Nelson. Yeah. Two years ago in college football that's on record. But that being said he deserves a much fair revaluate to what he's getting because he was played so grossly out of position. It's hard to call. It flip and wasn't allowed to wear a jacket on the sideline deal holds huge thing. So that's that's what got that going. But now the more pressing concerns by the way last year there was a wide receiver on Texas named little Jordan Humphrey. I like that man, Jordan. There's a lot of. I'm sure we're gonna be a lot of contenders on this. But we were just having the Colt McCoy major Applewhite discussion because I mean who doesn't do that. So you heard in sports center, we talked about it a little bit. Nick foles initially the eagles are gonna place the franchise tag on him. And they've decided not to do that. And by the way, Nick foles had to pay two million dollars for this to happen. He'll he'll make that out. But so this is how Roseman at the combine explaining why they decided to not after all put the franchise tag on Nick foles there Super Bowl MVP. You know, it's hard when you have someone who's incredibly valuable to organization at the most important position in sports and at the same time we've had an incredible success with him when he's had to play four playoff wins over the last two years. Great teammate. A huge resource for Carson and neat Seinfeld. As well. But at the same time he deserves an opportunity to lead a team. It's a goal of his to lead another team lead another locker room and. We feel at this point. It's the right decision. And all that. I'm sure factored into the vision. But let's be clear about one thing. This is also about what's best for the eagles in terms of commerce and value in what you get Nick foles. This is a business. Correct. So what what by by sending the franchise tag? They're basically getting what they think is going to be a better compensatory pay when he goes inside somewhere, then they tried to trade for those that don't know if you lose a free agent or for every free agent, you you lose depending on their value. You get when you hear at the end of around. Now comes a compensatory picks. That's what you get when you lose free agents. So it's somewhat the same thing. We're lady on bell bell not being tagged by the Pittsburgh Steelers. When he signed somewhere else it'll bring the Steelers back most likely third round draft pick. Whereas if they tried to tag them, and then trade him, they wouldn't get that value..

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