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All the way through graduation empowering them to find the most meaningful jewish life that they can on campus that they wanna make for themselves so i think we need to grow our movement. I think we have as we've shared earlier. Think we are onto something. We have discovered that. There's a niche. That's not being met and our audience is growing older growing younger. Frankly because we know that there's a need we even in the high school and in the high school environments and frankly what i love very much to see is a mechanism for people to latch onto enjoying r. J. join our tribe and become more informed and to bring in an opportunity to learn more about the work that we're doing into their schools zip codes no longer matter and i know that i'm excited to share with the group that may not know who are listening the back in april may i launched our first podcast. We actually went international. So we're excited to say we've got we got game And we wanna continue to grow are really are network and we need it was all of your out and tell your friends and really more importantly come to our website. Five talk dot word and join us. We have a lot to share and we want to hear from you. I would add that as we grow. We're gonna look to expand our geographic presence and one of the benefits of being online online platform is that we don't need to be anywhere right now. We sort of saturated are starting to saturate the boston community. But we do hope to pick the next ten to fifteen cities and roll out and become more nationally known and recognized and get more kids onto the website in bringing more organization together so that we can truly be central resource for students in organizations. That are focused in a target spot. Sweet spot of that of that bridge between high school and college. I actually will just add one more thing i think. Michelle framed it nicely. I actually think it's high school college and beyond because we know that a lot of our students are going to get graduate degrees and sadly many of these campuses. And i'm thinking of one in particular in new. York is a hotbed for activity against anti israel sentiment. And so i think it's it doesn't end and we are not just sunsetting at an age in particular so it's it's about seekers of knowledge and helping those continue to have agency as they grow and evolve into the best students and learners and humans. They can be this was really illuminating. I wanna thank michelle. Black robin freeman and jude sydney. The three co founders of tribe. Talk thanks so much. Guys for doing the podcast. Thank you for giving us the chance to share our vision with a greater group of people were really looking forward to the future and it was nice to have the opportunity to talk a little bit more about the organization. What we're trying to achieve. Thank you jordan. It was a pleasure to talk to you about this. You've been with us from the very beginning. And it was really. We appreciate the opportunity to share our vision. What we're working on. I just want to mention that we would not be able to do this without the support of the good people fund They are a fiscal sponsor. There are support. They are a wonderful sponsor generally and we would not be able to be where we are without them and also without two other key advisers. Dr rachel fish. Who's the head of the kraft family foundation against antisemitism together beat hate and also read the barsky who is the director of the jewish teen initiative at combined. Yours philanthropies in boston. These three organizations and people have been so supportive of us and we wouldn't be where we are today without them. We look forward to more.

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