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You were getting down in your stance going through the pie what was your biggest worry well i i couldn't hear tyron cadence so i had to watch the ball so that was number one and then once i didn't fall start as it was ball okay i can't i can't fumble this because if i if i found a way to screw this uh they're never gonna let you do it again they they call your number they put something in specifically for you have you screw it up you're out you know so i'm like okay th those are the two things and said you know if i get stopped or something like that yeah know really expected you to score rushing touchdown anyway yeah but if you if you get a priest not penalty are you from up on your turnover you know you're on the black list so those are the two things going through my mind and lucky luckily i got the ball and basically ought to be able to fall for about a yard and a half into the end zone it just about anybody can do that you know i don't i don't want you to give away you know any game plan or anything but if we see first in one on the one yard line against jacksonville who we see a reappearance of you on the field all i'm saying is that had one opportunity score a touchdown and i've got one touchdown so am i made the making of of a monster here on monday calling for the ball a mother yell i often are night on the sideline you never know how far might there with this thing and you're gonna be a wide receiver before we know it just call but kyle here's the one thing i have a concern about can we get you on the hands team on on cidre ex because you guys have had some issues with the buffalo bills in that war with the by me dolphins in that one department in the two gave you guys have played this year against him yeah i don't know if those guys know how to put a wiggle on thought or what i think our guys will figure it out you know.

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