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Especially playing Beckham and sipping their tease. Some of them are retired man older manuals see younger unemployed once actually for the tire at once probably their wives. Don't want them in the house all day. So it's kind of a club for them. And it's a man's scallop. It's an inexpensive club. You can go. Maybe just drink two cups of tea, but you can spend your whole day you can catch up with the latest news. You are a young Turkish woman, or would you be comfortable going into one of these tea houses that are mostly filled with men, actually, Dave outcomes woman. They don't welcome to local woman, but they do welcome. Woman or women from other cities, and you can easily start a conversation with them. And learn the play backgammon before you go and drink some tea and definitely sugar in it Lally. How would you as a tour guide introduce some of the more intimate dimensions of the culture in capital Kia as the cliche? I must say that I people need to get out of the tourist zone. That's the first thing in Paducah. There are some areas which are very well known. But they are so touristy and in some of them. There are no local life remaining anymore. Every single corner is I at Penn Seon BNB a restaurant this and that you have to get out of that area. And getting out of that area is not a very big deal. You just drive five minutes more. That's that's what I recommend people to do in many people look for evening, entertainment, the enjoy sightseeing the whole day, they enjoy a good dinner. And then they say what's next, of course, in such a touristy area in capital. Gather are. Folk shows that are geared for travelers tourists. They're fun. But like Americans don't go square dancing every night after dinner. We don't go folk dancing in Turkey as well. So you shouldn't expect these to provide you a local entertainment, they give you a glimpse of the culture. But that's not what we do. What we do we go to to q bar to decay is Turkish folk songs to T U R K such as you have live music clubs in America. We have Turkey bars, and they would be playing traditional local folk music using the traditional instruments, and you can get to witness everybody sing along size would be the main instrument. It's a string instrument with a long neck. That's one thing. You cannot miss a toll with a little bit of luck. You can find an impromptu music session in Turku bar. Yes, anywhere. If you could get away from the tourist, otherwise, you're going to see the touristic cliches onstage Bali sermon. Iran and yarn Taku. Thank you so much for giving us a better understanding of capitol. Kill one of the most fascinating corners of Turkey. Ninety shaker there will check out. There's. We have web links to our guests with each week's show at Rick steves dot com slash radio. We'll explore what it means to be from Northern Ireland in a bit. But first, let's get ready to host our own burns night. Like, they do in Scotland this time of year with a visit from singer, Jim, Malcolm, he brings us a taste of the traditions of Scotland next on travel with Rick steves. Come home with Vic, Steve my name is Ken Hungary on from Edinburgh and Scotland on that resume Scutts Kelly for I travel with Vic Steve's slums the years. I. When we heard the Scottish folksinger. Jim Malcolm was touring the Pacific northwest with a series of house concerts. We convinced him to carve out just a little time between gigs to stop by our travel with Rick steves studio near Seattle. So you could meet him to Jim receives high praise for his interpretations of the standards of Scottish music. He was voted Scotland songwriter of the year by his peers in two thousand four and he's been nominated for Scots singer of the more often than anybody else. You may have heard him as the lead singer of the group old blind dogs nowadays, Jim travels as a troubadour of Scottish music with its guitar and her Monica, and he's an authority on the works of Robert burns today. He's released more than fifty of his own songs on CD Jim Malcolm's here to demonstrate how the traditional music Scotland is a perfect way to appreciate the Scottish national heritage. Jim thanks for joining us. Well, I'm enjoying your beautiful country as well. I think Washington Scotla. On steroids is extra big mountains at the back. You know, it looks dislike Scotland, and then you have these big snowy ones that we just don't have quite as many, and there may be four times as call. Scottish friend that said we're more into quality than quantity when it comes to mountains and the Monroes are quite popular and govern. Oh god. I haven't been rose, by the way. Well, there was this guy. This guy called Hector Munro, Dr Hector Munro who was the first one to claim all the three thousand plus mountain. I think it was three hundred three thousand had three thousand feet. Yeah. What's the state of traditional music in Scotland today, flushing, lots of young people are playing, and if you know where to go, and this is part of it with findings traditional music musicians and pubs they move around. You know, they they have a place that they like. And then they followed with the landlord leno's, not giving them enough free beer. So so they move onto the next place. So you have to have a local guidance to justify the best of it. If you go to the major cities that there's something on somewhere every night. And I was just an browse. I was impressive right downtown. There's five great per in. It's generally free. Just go on and you know, some beer and. Some of the musicians I trouble. I was at college in Edinburgh on you know, stopping going to these beautiful sessions rather than work. You know, it was like it was it was like, oh, no I've got an exam tomorrow. There's a really really concession on. So and the great thing is everybody is like a culture of somebody drops in. They know each other because you're musician. Also, and you can get in and fair. Yeah. Actually, that's one of the lovely things about the travels. I have in the states as I meets out with musicians who loves Scottish music is music. Can we have sessions here? Instead, what does the session sessions just when you get your stuff? And, you know, have I go some of these please shoot somebody else, please shoot. And they say, oh, I I know a song it was written by the same guy. But be actually in a pub where you've got to settle makes. Yes, you can have sessions. They tend to be seated by three beer, right? That's. Be it doesn't it and these provide free beer and you'll find musicians are willing to assert their futures for you. This is traveled. Rick steves were joined by Jim now, come in. Jim is one of the leading Scottish folk musicians and he's traveling on the United States right now on tour. He was the lead singer band called the old blind dogs for eight years. And now he travels some performed solo all over the world when he's not on the road performing. He's at home in Perthshire gym's website is Jim Malcolm dot com, and he joins us today. Talking about Scottish folk music. You know, Jim the sparkle I see in people's eyes local people when they hear Scottish folk music. There's something really powerful about that for me as a traveler, what is it about Scottish music that can bring out the pride and the history and the heritage of Scotland for people who live there, it's very dramatic music. Actually, I think that because a lot of the music originates really from the pipes from the bagpipes. I would say that it's been the single most biggest influence. And Scottish music. It is the national instrument on the because the bagpipes only has eight notes seven or eight north surveillance. Just one octave. Really? That's very similar to the human voice. So lots of bagpipe shouldn't have then become songs. You know? People have written words to the bagpipe. I didn't realize that what what's an example. You're one man bands. You got your guitar, and you're Monica. What's the piece that you would enjoy that really feels like it originated as a bag? Well, I wrote some words to the very famous chin called law. Incite an Alon as a small lock. Okay. You need quite lot flame to say it properly as a small leak, you know, on just all about the the wildlife frightened at the lake. It's also such a famous chicken that played always played before inter national soccer matches and rugby matches. It's just one of these cannot icon Stokes store hall spear for the. Come

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