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Government workers who had a zero or something similar to that on their paychecks given that there are no negotiations as we speak to end this shutdown which ride we've been trying since the new congress established since the Democrats came into power last Thursday that night we pass legislation that would reopen. The government Senator over to the Senate, the senators sitting there, I suppose rating for it to hatch the ball is in the senate's court. The president says he'll veto it. So there's where the problem lies right there. We're willing to continue to discuss this matter about how to wisely appropriately using the taxpayer money to secure the southern border costume gear. Mandy, thanks so much for being with us. My pleasure. Thank you. Two views now on whether what's happening is a crisis as the president says and whether the wall is the right answer. These are two highly informed assessments from individuals with more direct experience on the subject and most of us will ever have yet. They disagree Univision anchor. Jose Ramos who has done extensive reporting from both sides of the border and Mark Morgan who ran border patrol for the last six months of the Obama administration and does support building a wall. For. Hey, I wonder what goes through your mind when you hear it's possible. The president might use disaster relief funds to pay for this wall. It would be completely absurd. I mean, can you imagine the victims of Puerto Rico the victims of hurricanes in Texas or Florida or the victims of fire some flooding in California paying for a wall? That is Italy useless that we don't need it right now when we don't have a real crisis when it's manufacture of crisis. It would be completely ludicrous. And and it's something that we should not do simply because someone a politician some pining some point in his career he decided to promise a wall that we really don't need these moments. All right, Mark. I know you do support building a wall, which we will talk about extensively, but I do support using disaster relief funds to do so. Well, this is what I know for thirty years of federal governmental service, I can tell you what we absolutely have on the southern border as a NASA secure. Parity and humanitarian crisis last year, four hundred thousand a little less than four hundred thousand illegal aliens were apprehended, and that's just the ones we apprehended. I think it's the ticket could show we could easily double that. And look at the numbers that we that we apprehend of illegal aliens take taken into consideration as well. The facts are and this is true. Human traffic routes are alive and well drug-smuggling louts routes through the southern border alive, and well, they're really bad people that are illegal illegally in this country every single day. That's real that crisis has to be addressed. And I'm going to give chance to respond to that. In just a second. Prices. Go ahead. Sorry. There's no crisis manufacture of crisis. I mean when we're talking about crisis. We're talking about something like the war in Iraq were feeling like nine eleven as you know, there are about seven hundred miles of wall fiscal already between Mexico and the United States, and those were created those were built after nine eleven that's how real crisis not what Donald Trump and his followers are trying to to promote right now. And then. Where is the crisis? At this moment, we have some of the safest communities in the country are along the border this moment, the number of undocumented immigrants has remained stable as a matter of fact fell two point seven million. And we did we did. I don't need a wallet. These beaumont. I don't see the possibility of of a crisis moment or we're almost Mark Wilkins. Stick around. We're going to pick this up right after a quick break. Just ahead though. We're going to speak to an air traffic controller who got three bucks in change in his paycheck today, which was three bucks in change more than his wife who is also an air traffic controller. How were they making ends meet? And what does he think of the president's claim? The folks are happy to go to the fiscal mattresses to pay for his wall later. The congressman tries to explain his racist remarks, but some of his GOP colleagues are buying here. What Steve king said and decide for yourself as three sixty continues..

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