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Is a 100% healthy, I mean he's an all star, he's an all NBA candidate, like there's a lot of, you know, a lot of accolades coming Zion's way if he can stay healthy. I mean, he would be my obvious choice if we're going to put someone like him on this list. it's interesting. So as you noted mobley Cunningham, Edwards Zion. But then they also receiving votes. It just kind of reflects how people view this like Anthony Davis got some votes, and it's like, well, Anthony Davis is an established perennial star when healthy, but GMs are clearly looking at this as all right, here's a guy who had a really rough season and struggled with injury whatever and they're expecting a bounce back. Rudy Gobert somehow got a vote or two. I don't know. It was probably one vote. These are probably all one vote each to be honest. But that's kind of weird. How is Rudy Gobert at the stage of his career having a breakout season? Is Tim Conley voting for his own guys? I don't think you could that was happening. Calvin. It was Justin zanuck voting voting for Rudy after he traded him. Yeah, yeah. Tyrese Halliburton got a vote. That's a good choice. Kamina got a vote. I think that's interesting choice. Tyrese maxi, Ben Simmons got a vote. You know, again, missed an entire season and so it's kind of the, he's gonna bounce back and be great again and maybe be in the running for all NBA again. So it's interesting. I mean, the ones that they picked are mostly the younger guys who have shown some flashes and are ready to really burst out, right? That makes sense to me. I think those are all good names to have on that list. I got no issues there. Yeah. All right, the best player at each position. Most of these no surprise, Steph Curry as the best point guard, Kevin Durant as the best small forward Giannis as the best power forward jokic gets the nod as the best center. I did think was interesting, Howard? Best shooting guard in the NBA. Yeah. Devin Booker with Phoenix gets 45%. Luka Dončić is second at 28%. But he was the GM's favorite to win MVP. I don't quite follow that logic. How about this? How is Devin Booker the best two guard when Luca is the MVP? Are we not, I guess you could say are we not qualifying Luca as a point guard? He's splitting votes at multiple positions. That one kind of threw me. So there's a lot of confusion potential with these, right? So part of this is, look, we are in this, it's not a positionless era. It's a position fluid era. I hate when people say it's not positionless. Positions still exist to an extent. They're just more fluid than they've ever been. Finished second among for best point guard. He finished second for best shooting guard. He finished third for best small forward. So we know like Luca is built like a small forward, but he plays like a point guard and is usually listed as point guard. He is their point guard. Buddy scores enough that I guess some people at shooting guard on their ballots, Jayson Tatum, the aforementioned Jason Tatum also received a vote for best shooting guard and Jason Tatum has never really been a guard in this league by any stretch, right? He's always been never.

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