Corbyn Burns, Josh Hater, Craig Counsell discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


The belt. Here's the stretch one to swing and a miss Normal ideas. Blocks close to first. Peterson touches the bag ballgame over its combined no hitter for the Milwaukee Brewers. Corbyn Burns and Josh Hater do the job here in Cleveland, Delivering with the call on the Brewers radio network on Saturday night, the crew logs its second ever no hitter in franchise history. More than accomplishment coming up an extra point at 7 45. Overall, Craig Counsell more than happy with the way this series played out, We played a really good series. We pitched extraordinarily well. It was just a great effort on the pitching side. I thought good at three games as we've had, certainly you make it real. Really, really hard to score. You know you're going to have success today about some Did a great job pretty good pitcher and, um, you know, that was enough. The Brewers magic number is now down to just five. They've got the day off today before starting a three game series in Detroit on Tuesday night. Did I hear right to that Saturday nights? Cleveland starter Zach, Please act nephew of former brewery Lever and record holder for safe, Dan, please. He's been in What He's on the other end of three. No knows this. He seen crazy. He's just got, like the worst luck ever in terms of run, support or help support, I suppose from his team, But, yeah, gene coming up an extra points. I was stunned, fascinated a little just herb by a portion of the Brewers fan base in the way they reacted to the team's first no hitter in 34 years. I'll explain in more depth coming up in half an hour. 7 19 wtmj School years.

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