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Of helping people let's get right to it I got a prediction first so go ahead I'm pretty good it tastes remember trial by said trump would win and you of course were a naysayer for years and you want to just say I project ready not think he was going to win okay I know you didn't so most people didn't I don't fault you on that the Miss America pageant I predict will be gone in three years. or less you want to know why well there's no reason to have them anymore they're outdated they're stupid and and they're also trying to dance around the fact that it was a beauty contest pageant it was it was an hour trying to change it no longer any swimsuits no longer any evening gowns they're going to have discussions with the judges now I've never watched one at least in my life but my god the people they do why would they watchers know swimsuit no evening gown just open it up to people it's a question of people Padgett of people Padgett what a pageants actually a beauty thing. well they're not even calling it a pagina Martz competition but what is a competition for noise widespread you ever watch one literally no I haven't either you know when I was younger I remember thinking we would pick the winner you know like Hey I think she's gonna winner ichi just for for grains but I never watch the dating thing it's so PC I mean the religious well not now I think the thing stupid even when they begin with yeah just hoping to begin with the sole stupid outdated think how many things are updated nowadays it's amazing to me I was thinking of of things going out of business like. okay taxis you know you're not gonna taxes anymore that old model not unless if everyday change some with the regulations with uber No Way their outdated it's a bad model there are so many things newspapers I mean it's so funny newspaper who cares about a newspaper and delivering a newspaper I think of the money burst putting into driver lists a dancer right now they are pumping money into it like you wouldn't believe so even the uber driver is going to be a thing of the past. you know the whole thing is just if you try to predict what's going to be big and what's not it's scary listen media is in trouble because social media now puts people not quite on an even par but damn close I mean when you can have people's you know being misquoted and then they go on YouTube and can show the behind the scenes rather photos that's why people you know think about this if you're ever interviewed for TV or radio. video tape it yourself and then run it on you tube and see then people to see the difference between the raw stuff and how they edited it it would be I just think social media is one of the biggest things because the evening news is no longer that why wait around for news you get news instantly at your fingertips. let's talk to Melissa about Arapahoe kia what is going on. so I had taken my car in for some recall and I asked them to check my check engine light because it goes on and off and so they did that and I said well what was it in there for I'm just the recall okay how many recalls you recall two two two recalls okay and then you said by the way check the engine light yeah and I also needed an oil change and I wanted them to do a transmission flush it it's up to ninety six thousand miles so I could go ahead and do the trans gotcha so oil engine translate what what what happened so they said go eat lunch so do whatever will call you so first the guy called me and said Hey you've ever thought about trading in your car and I'm like no and he said well let me see how much you can get for and we can talk later and I was like okay whatever so then the guy called me back and he's like so bad news you need a new engine I'm like what are you talking about and he said well we heard the knocking in your car because it sounds like something later. so I told them that Melissa had you heard a knocking. yeah but it it actually hurt her invoice actually says check engine goes on and off while accelerating here's knocking I mean that okay gotcha yeah so it it's like some so before they even looked at not before they even looked at it there was something going on so yeah okay and so I had taken it in before to get the check engine light checked in it red manifold air pressure sensor so that's what I googled it I'm a single mom I don't think that I don't know if that would cause the knocking but no so what ended up happening so I told him to check that to the air pressure center is that because the light keeps coming on and then it goes off makes an older system recheck the south and it fixes itself so that the but I'm like how can it there's got to be something wrong with that at the light keeps coming on every time and it's always that manifold air pressure sensor whatever it's called so when I call me back there like you need a new engine I'm like how can you tell that just by looking at it and he's like well because of the knocking and I'm like. what if they they might have done other tested they. no I don't think so they didn't what will they told me we won't know for sure unless we pull the whole engine now which we don't want to do because the guy that works here is worked her long time how many miles on this year ninety six thousand and what's the warranty period one as to whether it. did you buy it now you know why it now it was a hundred thousand but what was the original owner what years this. a two thousand eleven okay so what it where we going with the story I want you to say I think I should get or I think they did just tell me when I am now me what's going on just tell me when I initially wrote in I all I wanted to know is I had heard you say before that there is the dealership that will help single mothers and give my desk so I was just going to take my car in okay and and I'm sure that manifold pressure sensor knocking you probably I would guess you probably does need an engine. may be right but here's one good thing Melissa I doubt that Arapahoe kia or anyone else. you know I don't think they call it the problem so whatever the car now so whatever the problem is it is and and that's just the way it is so let's assure you of this we can at least get you one honest to god diagnosis okay and and we can probably get that done pretty much free or very low cost for it if if that's what we simply need to do if they if they were diagnosed at no certain terms so they're saying it needs a either a long black or short black all they're saying on the invoices if she wants to know actually what caused it they got a tear down but that the why would anybody pay for that if you needed any help so she needs an engine that's the bottom that's what they're saying now how do you feel about a rap pokey I don't know much about him but I gotta tell you just reading this is C. it's hard when it's a bottom in noise like that on the bottom end of the engine I mean if it's there it's there connect a stethoscope with the connecting rod yeah. okay so with the connecting rod they could literally fixed just the connecting rod but the labor is she expensive thing and so while the engine is open eat sleep Melissa technically you don't need an engine necessarily if it's just one connecting rod but yeah no one no one opens the bottom of an engine and fixes just one thing that with a hundred thousand miles on it yeah the clause the labor to open the bottom is the same labor it takes to replace everything and to replace everything is all is not the expense the expenses in the tear down and putting back together that's why they say you need an engine I know a lot of people they say well what's the difference is a big difference it's not that you need a whole new engine not every component has failed but the component that did fail is in a place that it's going to take all of that labor anyway to get to it so you may as well you might as well just change everything in hands of the carpenter is who she's talking about they're on the referral list for single mothers and help but they're not going to do a full engine transmission I don't think so it's worth it. I'm wanting an honest opinion you know because I knew that going to do the oil change and transmission flush here include yes don't you think that's nice let's look what they charge for Melissa they don't look what they charge nothing zero that's what I'm saying I don't have it I I don't understand why you're so high style towards his company yeah I understand you're a single mother but why are you so hostile towards I have got no dog in this fight I understand Millicent really you you are kind of like like you say they won't even change but would you rather that they that you spend three or four hundred on a car that's that's no good they're saying we don't want to do the oil change we're doing you a favor by not doing it right but I take it for a second opinion to my friend and he has his own shop but he does work ethic here deal and what did he say and he said there's nothing wrong with my engine now I'm like there's wide why did you wait till the very end to tell us that you he actually did a diagnostic so you don't need us to tell you your friend told you you do not need an engine okay well guess what Arapahoe kia did nothing wrong because they didn't charge you a dime but you're saying you're thinking they purposely said you needed an engine light to you on purpose in order to sell you an engine is that what you're saying. the trade my car and because that would give you. gotcha we'll give you a thousand dollars for your car. your friend what's the name of your friend shop well I I don't think it really it's kind of a fight shop is not relevant don't know does he have diagnostic equipment yeah well he took it to a dealership that he works that I think it is hard to sell records so Melissa this is serious stuff if your friend that you have an invoice from that other dealer can I have it because I'll call around okay seriously if they told you you need an engine and you don't that's pretty serious yeah so can I tell me the name from him because this is a friend of my calls only baloney what do you call phony the whole thing I I it if someone else look at it it's exactly what she's saying now it was just a friend I mean I bet if we bring it anywhere in fact let's bet lunch Melissa what's but whatever you want it probably needs an engine Melissa do you feel did you call us for a third opinion if so let's do it is that what you call this for it won't cost you anything whatever bring it over to someone in the next hour and a half if she's anywhere Denver metro I'll.

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