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The problem for Comcast Comcast? Because of the because it had gotten put it would have had to, and because of the. Regulatory challenges probably, would have had to bid at least into the low forties if Disney had matched it that would have put Comcast in order to win into the mid. To high forties and then you're talking about four times after synergies that's? Crazy, because I know you want to, get a question like a hot two years Ago see if they level to they are so influenced by. Moffitt they had a question on price to EBA. A cheap be expensive in the third choice was high but not side but not stupid There's a bumper, sticker for you I'm gonna copyright be careful there Craig. While all this is going on I do assume that there are other companies that are going about. Their business such as net flicks any thoughts on anybody else who maybe is taking advantage of all the focus on takeover an acquisition to actually just run their business. And, make a, lot of money well you know I'm always a little suspicious of those arguments about XYZ company was quote unquote distracted because of the CFO and the. CEO maybe worried about the distraction but generally speaking to people who run the business on a day to day basis. Are probably not all that distracted so I never all that. Sympathetic to those kinds of arguments you know, the real, question for for Netflix I think, and. It's covered by my partner, Michael but, Michael and I have I. Think very similar views on Netflix The the real tension here is just Netflix is clearly going to be very very big but there's. A debate about how how secure is the moat around Netflix business is sheer size in the media business going to create an impenetrable mode or is it just going? To, create a, big business and they're going to be potentially other big businesses as well and those are two very different outcomes because if it is the ladder there's. No reason to believe that the returns on capital in just another big business without an impenetrable moat we'll be exceptionally. High and right now Netflix is priced for exceptionally high returns. And so it's a worthy debate and you're, going to, find out a lot based on, now. That Disney is getting FOX, and Disney, effectively pursues a similar strategy Just quickly this is. Not like doing an AOL is it I mean you know we're not talking Time Warner AOL quality here are we no no no no, these are didn't he Has to be again it's Michael's company to cover, it has. To be given a lot of credit. For having put the strategy in place. And and having executed very deliberately around, during the? Assets to, pursue the, strategy wanna pursue Kirk thank you thank you. For coming? On, with, us, we'll, look for notes. From Nathanson to their clients coming up a, read on. The screen negative sixty three on the. Dow worldwide this is Bloomberg Now let's find out what's going on in the world we've got to Mr John Tucker John and Pimm. Band Tom President Trump says in an interview with CBS that he told Vladimir Putin does stay out of America's elections the president was also asked if he now holds Putin responsible for election meddling while I would because. He's in charge of the country just like I consider myself to be responsible for? Things. That happened in this country so certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible yes the shifting stands came Wednesday as Mr. Trump spent more time managing the fallout from his widely. Criticised summit with Putin in Helsinki the president said yesterday that Russia isn't currently, targeting the US diverging from public statement his own, intelligence director may two days earlier after reporter during a. Cabinet meeting whether Russia was still targeting the US Mr. Trump I tried, to avoid answering by telling the assembled. Media thank you Usually a sign that he won't take questions. With any lowered it voice his voice and responded yes and it was probably a shark attack authorities say two children were bitten in the waters off fire Island New York prompted beach closings there Newsday reports police are. Investigating the incidents off sailors haven Atlantic beaches on Wednesday the thirteen year old boy?.

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