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PFC's are believed to interfere with male hormones. Oh, man men may develop smaller penises, if they're exposed to high levels of PFC's study found that they'll say don't say PFC's. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm might have crossed the line with that one. To study found that those growing up in polluted areas were. One point two five centimeters that's twelve percent shorter show. Basically this happens in the womb. I don't know how much nonstick cookware my folks used while. I was in the womb. This is sad. While my mother was drinking and smoking while I was in the room. No. But it is good. The blame on something. Yeah. Do you know put that link on your Facebook page and share that information that news and part hitting information assure will be sure to put that in your nonstick, frying, pan, social blogs, still cooking with a lot of nonstick frying pans, by the way, jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five ninety toll free eight seven seven five nine zero five five to five for asking. So keep your eyes peeled in the sky next week is the brightest comet of the year, while buzz past earth at more than twenty one thousand miles an hour, and that's faster than anybody on moped. Oh, yeah. According to the report, December the sixteenth coming within seven point one million miles. Apparently that's close making the approach. What are the ten closest since nineteen fifty the twentieth since the ninth century? So I guess that's close astronomical terms. It is is is really that is that's like a that is like almost grazing us right there. Right. That's almost hitting the awning. Exactly. Well, if you're looking to catch a glimpse it won't be hard with the naked eye. Yeah. It won't be hard to see this thing. Although sky watchers admitted to be the best use binoculars and telescope and get out of the city. That's coming up on December the six seven a sixteenth. It doesn't say what time of day or what time at night. A look that up. Are you a sky watching you follow these kind of? I if I remember that it's happening. And they let us know what time. Yeah. I will. I will frequently go out like when the space space station is flying over for example. They always know almost precisely what you go out the front yard in the front yard. And and the way I wave and stand there in my in my robe and wave. Yes, right. I do. So the city of Austin Travis county commissioners, the Austin school board trustees they got together this week to talk to state lawmakers about a need to change how we find public schools in Texas. They don't like the robinhood school funding system. I don't think a lot of people do county. Well, I take that back Lockhart manner. The Colonia in south, Texas. They love Robin loves him. Some Robert at school district down in south Texas that last year had twenty million dollars extra Bill waterpark schlitterbahn style waterpark on their campus. Right. They love Robin Hood. Yes here in Austin. You should hate it. Because more than half of the Austin school district budget. That's financial your property taxes goes back to the state to help fund that that twenty million dollar waterpark counties intergovernmental relations, liaison Eckstein bottom line, which is unless we fix school finance. There's nothing that's significantly going to help people with their tax Bill. These experts who are in the know and have the power in the position to make some changes never offer. A solution to Robin Hood. What are the ideas on how to finance schools in Texas? Here's county Commissioner Bridget shea. If there is not a. My solution on school finance. Our community is looking at really significant school closures. There you go. There's the threat there's the fear tactic. She loves to us, which is setting you up for another big Austin bond package that voters will probably approve down here. She is. And I think that word needs to get out as soon as possible. So the community understands this is not the fault of the school board for the community. This is the fault of the system that the state has allowed to remain broken. Here's what I don't understand anytime a group like this, this kind of organization government involved anytime. There's a problem. They just get more money, get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger if you're a local businessman, and you have problems and serve bad food or don't have good service. You close do. You know what I mean? Yeah. You do. But there's this this belief that these schools, no matter how poorly. Attended. No, how no matter what the the poor grade averages everything going wrong, Scott to stay up and got to stay open. But it doesn't make sense for us to have to close schools when we have enough tax revenue that is coming from the the residents of Travis county in the city of Austin being pumped in yet. We're giving away we're giving up way too much away that also cuts motivation for other school districts to not come up with better solutions for themselves to try to figure out how can they generate more tax revenue other than us having to give it to these? How can they got to fix that? Because some of these smaller cities in Texas come up with the money to run a school. Well, actually, it shouldn't be my problem. It should not. It should not be my issue. My issue. You don't care about the education of other kids. I said I don't care, but my first priority is going to be to the residents of Austin and Travis county that I expect my money to be going towards where I live that makes sense. We. We have to fix it here first. And then what about the poor kids? They deserve a chance. Sure. Do. Absolutely. But the way that should work Todd is okay. We've got it taken care of here. We've got some leftover let's send it their direction. Not six hundred fifty million dollars. I agree. That's a little outrageous on may not agree with your approach. But I agree. Six hundred fifty million dollars is Craig maybe my approach sounds cold. But that's that's the way I feel right here in the buckle of the bible belt, Texas. In this blue island. We have here. Don't as Austin here. The Texas is the buckle of the bible belt and. The bottom line is you wanna fix school finance? You wanna lower your property taxes? Start supporting lawmakers that embrace the taxing of legal marijuana..

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