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Adobe intends to acquire frame dot io makers of video editing collaboration software for one point three billion dollars. The company plans to integrate frame. Io's capabilities across adobe creative cloud the expected to close in fiscal q. Four at intel's architecture. The company announced its alder lake. Line will feature a hybrid architecture with a mix of performance and efficiency cores alder lake chips with different core combinations. Were range from nine months to one. Hundred twenty five watts across mobile and desktop intel is developing a thread director with microsoft to optimize. What cores will be used for tasks in windows. Eleven china's national people's congress passed an online user data privacy law stating that gathering personal. Information must have a clear and reasonable purpose in limited to a minimum scope. The law also sets out conditions for collecting personal data and requires regular audits to ensure compliance. The legislation goes into effect november. First facebook began testing facebook reels in the us letting us share the short form video directly to news feed and within facebook groups. Us instagram creators. Also have the option to have their instagram reels shown as recommended content on facebook tessa. Facebook reels launched earlier this year in india mexico and canada. Twitter updated dmz. Now let us your share a tweet in up to twenty separate. Dm conversations at once previously sharing a tweet in dm's with multiple users would just create a group chat the document foundation released lieber office seven point two adding support for apple silicon and improve compatibility with microsoft office file formats in the release announcement. The document foundation also urged the increasing number of enterprises using the.

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