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Dill Vic missing a hockey star motor sport engineer. Nikki daily the activists elder Smith and the writer and actress Stephanie prize now over now to another question. This one is from Geraldine Mohan Geraldine the last two referenda marriage equality and repeal the eighth amendment demonstrated. The power of direct action grassroots mobilization. How can this mobilization be maintained? And how can it be continued to be effective? That's a really good question. How do you keep the momentum going and NICKY as someone who's been campaigning to promote women in motorsports? What would you say has worked for you? I think just awareness and visibility is a huge thing in in my sports. You know, they've just launched the twenty by twenty campaign, which is a movement here in Ireland to increase the participation the awareness and the media coverage of women's sport by twenty percent by the year, twenty twenty and a huge part of that is bringing role models and the visibility of role models to the younger generation, and especially younger girls, and they have a tagline. That's if they can't see us than they can't be as and I think in my sport and motorsport, it couldn't be more true. Because it's such a small percentage of women that are involved in this. And I think from my own experience younger generations, especially girls. They don't even really know what motorsport is they've never seen a go-cart or they've no real experience of it. Unless they've been kind of brought up within the sport themselves and Stephanie as a writer and actress uses you may help to engage people. It certainly makes you more palatable when I'm creating characters on. When I'm writing it's like when he says like what people see is important, it's crucial. When I was growing up, the president of Ireland was female, and I thought. A role for a woman. It was Mary Robinson those maim athletes. And I thought oh like the president is a woman I could be president. Because what you see is important. And then I was like all it could also be a man for that. That's so inverted in terms of how the narrative goals. And so it's something that we think about constantly when I'm writing when I'm creating which is what people see is important. So I put these two difficult girls with a difficult friendship on screen with can't cowpoke and continuously came up against like, can you make her more likable? No, I can't make more like because she's not like ground because some people just aren't likable, you know, like I want to be able to measure myself against the characters that I'm seeing on screen and always feel like I'm not as good as them. You know, I want people to make dirty decisions of bad choices and be messy, and and be difficult and still feel like they are worthy of of of love and their place in the world. And so in order to make people want to watch that car crash of a lifestyle. Infusing it with humor. I think gets people on site. I find an aggressive approach has never really helped me even though I can kind of naturally go that way. Okay deal. I wanna come to you. Now, I want to hear about your story. So you were born in Italy tissue Lincoln parents and then lived in Sri Lanka Bahrain. And then moved to Ireland. What was your first impression of the emerald isle? I suppose why I was tracked to move into Anna's because as living in Bahrain, I found most of my friends were Irish. And then somehow I saw river dance. And I thought. I think it was Jean Butler. I have massive.

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