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On 700 wlw. News, Traffic and Weather News Radio, 700 W. Ell delegate Cincinnati A trucker under arrest after taking police on a chase. This is the five o'clock report. I'm Matt Reese. Breaking now A truck driver taking police on a chase across to 75 in the Anderson township area, was ultimately arrested this afternoon. It's a drama that had been going on for several hours. The trucker getting out of his rig at one point standing on the expressway facing down the police officers who never opened fire and Apparently never drew their weapons, but brought the incident to a peaceful close late this afternoon, But it sure messed up traffic for an awful lot of people for several hours after noon and following everything on traffic camera 700 wlw Sandy Collins, who joins us live from the newsroom, sandy That this was a very bizarre of pursuit that we watched this afternoon from the from the newsroom, The suspect would not pull over would stop. What's start again would do U turns. 15 2025 Police officers behind him At one point it looked like it started to get pretty threatening suspect is now threatening a shooting and threatening as shooting. Or to put his truck universe and his you mean, while the police were not drawing their weapons whatsoever, they were trying to accommodate this man's request to stay back 500 feet, he had told the Ohio State Patrol Trooper, apparently according to broadcast if I scanner that he had been stabbed six times, so again, this is not confirmed is this is what we were Hearing during the pursuit. This is what the police were being told. Ah, and then he wanted to let his wife out of the vehicle. Ah, and was just again acting very erratically. Here's more from broadcast. If I'm just in a little room, I'm gonna be coming out of Backing up. I'm just stating he's putting the traffic, reverse the hippie officers and putting the vehicle in reversing the officers. Mathis went on for several hours had just wrapped up with the arrest of that subject. They did have medics come treat him on the scene, and we're waiting to find out more about what sparked this who this person was. And all the details we can get from Cincinnati Police Matt. OK, Thank you, Sandy Collins and big inconvenience for many Tri staters on the roads has happened, and it still is the latest traffic and weather together both directions of 2 75 at Coney Island. From Ohio to Kentucky and back close. Still, because of this investigation, other delays to tell you about construction delays on South bound 75 the cut on the hill and also North bound because of the construction there. And in in a Fort Mitchell area on 75 North Pound is about where it begins. As you're heading into downtown Cincinnati. It's going to be slow. Just about to downtown. Ah, it starts to open up in downtown Covington, and you're good to go into Cincinnati, but the South bound side it's backed up into sensitive Cincinnati right now because of the construction, and it's going to be slow for you all the way. Until four. Mitchell also some trouble brewing on 71 We got an accident on North Bound. 71 near the Ken would cut on the hill is you're coming up on Stuart. That's also a mess. That's a construction zone. A cz well and also looking at some construction problems as well. Some delays near Sharon Road, heading close to 2 75 got some construction problems. They're north bound. 75 on the Ohio side of the river at Sharon Road. It's going to be slow for you. Now the latest forecast from the advanced Dentistry Weather Center from social distancing and pre screening patients toe appropriate pp. Our focus remains on safety..

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