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He catch onto that. Unlike when I'm here, but I wouldn't wanna live here where do you live? I live in New York. I'm not there very much. And I also live in Rome because I married in talian smart, man. I'm talian. America tahiliani. I like it. I didn't read you have dual citizenship. Now through her through her. You gotta oh, yeah. See my husband we've gotten him his green card. But now, he's gotta pay up. Like what about me from the U K? He's from you slice. Excuse me. Please talk to the Queen. And hurry this up. I wanna have to what do we think? Brexit. Let's. I just I just spent a month back there in was in friends and family and. He then you start getting more regular work in movies. I did but still my identity was not as a movie actor at that point didn't happen for very long time. Would you say the game changer? Many ways was platoon. Yes. I mean, I think so because that was the first film that was a popular and critical success and had an international. You know, was was successful internationally. But there were there were baby steps there were other steps that you know, contributed streets of fire. The first the film was not a success, but I got some attention for that. People started asking me to come in to see that for work because you got to remember, I'm working at a little theater. That's what I do. Yeah. I'm I don't have an agent and a manager and all that for quite some time now. Now. So from Kathryn Bigelow 's first movie, the loveless, I Walter Hill's saw a look with of me on the motorcycle. And of course, gas me as much. And so that had that put me on my way, and then to live in Diana lay was very important because while at the time that was not a huge success either. It was a film that was very much admired by filmmakers. Yeah. So I know you can kind of trace that Oliver Stone and Martin Scorsese both were aware for me from that movie. So that's a good thing. You know, it's all you know, success and failures, you know, all you never know tribute. You never know where that line going never know. And which is why? As is obvious. All ready. You're open to all experience young. And and you hope it leads to other good. I tried to avoid bad. Your dad. I am how grandfather. That's why I only because it's so there is a whole other aspect of being that you're an actor your gypsy. You know, and you have my God we're looking over. And it's like you have films all over the world you have worked with what feels like everybody, and and then you sort of. But then there's the other part of your life that is your life like talking about you're saying with the theater that was like home, but we were gypsies. And for example, my my son grew up in that company. And I think he's about a four and because he had lots of mothers and fathers and lots of different models to sample from..

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