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Things like that but I can relate experience at the farm. I had were a previously. I had a small ranch for twenty years. When i bought the place was cornfield. One field had been continuous corn for forty two years prior to my it and then within instituted no ill in some other things cover cropping and then i decided that i would convert it to an irrigated pasture. I was told subsurface arrogation converted subsurface drip irrigation. And i was told at one time had the only subsurface variegated pastor and the entire world. I have no idea if that's true or not but Got my irrigation equipment from netafim and one of the Executive said there is no drip tape. Irrigated pasture anywhere in the world. So i guess that was rather unique but then the drip tape allowed to eliminate tillage and also to put a perennial crop out there with on the flat Intentional gullies up there. I'd like to talk about droopy. Gated pass you for a little bit of the persuasion that if people manage their pastures as well as they manage their cash crops their passengers would be more profitable they would be more profitable than their cash. Crops particularly in the case of corn and the soybeans. I agree you mentioned that you're doing drip irrigation passers to eliminate tillage. How do those two dots connect well. Faraway allegation was I remember you know. I was so excited..

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