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Rubble bill. There's a huge impact huge impact in while it's not as bad as that catastrophic earthquake we saw in two thousand ten. This is taking place right after the recent assassination of president giovanelli. Moe's i mean how is that loss of leadership affecting this crisis. You know i. It's taking place from right up. The fascination of a president originally prime minister in charge in the way that haiti's government structure that the prime minister is in charge of the day to day governance prior to his death. Presidential nominees was one of eleven elected officials and country of eleven point. Five million people hating was delayed in holding legislative elections parliament is nonfunctional. There's only ten senators out of thirty. So you know you're talking about a country that is quote unquote a democracy. But at the same time today. They're only ten elected leaders in this entire country. So there's been a lot of pressure for haiti to hold elections to hold them quickly but there are a lot of logistical and a lot of issues. That have to go in that in the current prime minister who hasn't really been in job barely much still needs to try to get some sort of political agreement or chord among the various political factions in order to move this country for with that movie the movie we call upon people to show solidarity with each other. Let's avoid panic in the face of this earthquake and how are haitians grappling. With all of this. What are they saying to you. The idea of an earthquake here. we go again For people who are from the south this is their twenty ten and they are people who are still dealing with hurricane matthew that is your reference point initial reports were flooding and destruction brown torrents of water that had washed homes and villages from the landscape. But only now three days after matthew we getting a clear picture of what. The aid agencies are facing everything maximus five years ago. I spoke to a lady today. Her house was barely rebuilt. She is a person who live off the land like most of the people in this area. She was hit by hurricane. Matthew was really wiped out and so what happened was when a quake happened. It did collapse on her. Her legs broken. She's in the yard of a hospital. They can't take people inside the hospital. One because the hostile itself has been damaged to. Psychologically people are afraid. They don't wanna go under. Need the building at this point in time and so she's she can't even imagine what rebuilding looks like she has to. She know that you're going to do it or right now. She's basically you know in. Her bed cannot get up. She says only god. Can you know at this point. You know the prime minister says that you know. When he was visiting this region his second visit and today's you know he met a woman who again lost her home is collaborative and only beenish. You want from the government with for them to basically help remove the debris and her home and it was an acknowledgement that the government didn't have any money wasn't expecting.

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