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Former head sailing coach at Stanford will avoid prison after he admitted to accepting bribes in the college admissions cheating scheme. John van damore apologized of friends, family, and the sailing team and Stanford during the sentencing hearing today in Boston federal court, the judge. Tim to one day in prison, which he was deemed to have served. They'll pay a ten thousand dollar fine. And so two years of unsupervised release, including six months of home confinement. With electronic monitoring key house committee has put off contempt votes against two top Trump administration officials for failing to turn over documents about citizenship question on the twenty twenty census after President Trump exerted executive privilege. Here's correspondent Linda Kenyon. House oversight committee, chairman Elijah Cummings blasted the president's action appears to be another example of the administration's blanket, defiance of conscious, constantly, mandated responsibilities. The top Republican on the committee Representative Jim Jordan didn't see it that way. He also said, there's nothing inherently wrong with asking the citizenship question on the twenty two thousand census. Why don't they want to know something that every everyone in our district knows should be asked knows has been asked is just good common sense. Opponents say the citizenship question was added to deter minority and immigrant participate. Station and to boost Republican representation. Linda Kenyon, Capitol Hill. A former gubernatorial candidate in Georgia is urging the film industry, not to boycott her state over its controversial abortion law. Democrats. Abrahams told industry leaders, the Bill would be bad for business, but she urged them to find a more strategic path for the film industry to help, Georgia women Abram says the film industry should stay in Georgia and fight to create lasting political change and government, researchers say, most rabies infections in the United States come from bats. That's a change from decades earlier when dogs 'cause most cases of rabies, the CDC's is the change follow nationwide efforts to mandate pet vaccines and implement leash control laws rabies deaths in the US are still rare from one to three cases a year..

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