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This is back. What's up back to backers. This is Willie joy. Welcome to the show. This is back to back. This is my podcast, man. How's everybody doing hope everybody is doing all right. It's been been a heavy week. I've been home alone all week. You know, one of those weeks where it's really just been me on my own and you know, it's fine. I've been super productive in getting a lot done. But yeah, with all these events going on and just kind of being on my own, it's been sort of a weird haze over everything. You know, between the passing of MAC Miller at such a young age, you know, such a fuck in tragedy. And then I don't know if you guys saw this but hard. Well, kind of going on this surprise hiatus stepping back from his career a little bit. And you know, I've seen a bunch of my other friends posting up about mental health and their experiences and kind of the stresses that this kind of life. Style, bring hope everyone out there is doing. All right, hope you're taking care of each other taking some time for yourself. You know, never forget to just enjoy your life. Sometimes enjoy the people around you because without that, I think all the rest of it is sort of meaningless. And in the wake of all this, I've been talking to some friends. I think we're going to try and put something together to kind of talk more about these issues. I, I don't have any details yet, but you know, stay tuned and I'll let you know when it comes together a little more. It should be cool and actually speaking of these issues, you know, taking care yourself, looking out for those around you looking out for the world. My guest on the show today is none other than Mathoma straight out, Norway. You know, this one was a really pleasant surprise. I didn't know what to expect. Never met the guy and the scene he comes from, you know, his style of music. It's not something that I already knew everything about, but this actually ended up being one of my favorite conversations. One of the more unique converse. Sations I've had on here in a while and he just dropped a brand new album called one in a million. It's out right now and it's a really dope album. Stylistically it goes to a lot of different places. He collaborates with some really interesting people on their people like and Rica glaze, Noah, Cyrus the vamps, you know, all over the map, go check that out. The link is going to be in the description of this episode. We'll get into that conversation in just a minute. But before we do, I just wanna give a big shout out to everybody who's been supporting this show. I've been seeing a lot of love over the last few weeks and manages warms my heart to see the community coming together, supporting us. You know, we don't pay for advertising here at back to back and the way we grow and the best way that you can help support this show. If this is something you think is cool if you want more of this. Just tell a friend about us, help us spread the word word of mouth is really how. We grow. And yeah, that's it. If you know somebody who just loves music would love this show, let them know or you know, throw up a post about us re tweet us whatever you feel like it doesn't cost you a thing. It really does help us and manage just makes me happy to see everybody coming together or, you know, you could tweet it your favorite artists and tell them that you wanna hear them on back to back. I actually just last week recorded an upcoming episode. You'll hear very soon that came directly out of Twitter, a random person just tweeted at me, and another artist told us we doing episode together, and then we did easy as that. And you know, I'm always here for you guys as well. You can always hit me up back to back potted g mail dot com. Is the Email address or you can hit me on social media at Willie joy or at back to back pod? I'm always around. I see everybody's messages and you know, I like chatting with you guys, so himmy up holler. And now that we're all friends, we're. All hanging out. Why not subscribe to this show? Just quick the subscribe button on whatever platform you're using to listen..

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