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Selfishly? That would do a lot for me. Oh wow how people would be like this guy kill the UFC champion with laughter. Like you understand what that would do for my career. I figure quick break all right. We're taking a break all right cool. We're back headlines Headlines Yet Jones blasted Raya City. They said he tweeted that John. tweet about Ray Assane. Jones fort wrestlers four strikers but never athletes. He called the dumbest thing. He's heard in a while. I think John Jones Anybody John I guess is John so he might not recognize this but people have to find something that makes their chance unique because a fighter you have to believe in yourself and what do you want to say about John. Well he's fucking seen everything you can see and and he's one so if your dominant grey is in your confident you gotta say all right. What's I look? He hasn't afforded an athlete. Like you gotta find something unique to to throw it the Guy Hi because otherwise you're gonNA walk in and this guy is what everybody in one. You know what I mean. You've got to find something to grab onto. Dominic hasn't lost yet and he's got that confidence of a guy that it hasn't lost. Neither of these guys has technically been beaten by another fighter. There you go so I mean any now that he's got to be a just confident is power. Because he's the guy I when he's easy stopping good guys man. He's got power It's hard to hold down. I think it's GonNa be interesting mainly Eh John. Jones always finds a way to win but Could it maybe. Maybe what would be interesting if is if Would be interesting if John Jones is so confident and he's still it's maybe just fucking around a little bit too much like maybe all right. I'll stand up with them all right. I'll beat him at his own game type of where you might even got caught up with that with your the fact that you keep pointing to go Santos man I mean he got a quote made. He was making that a standard battle. You know they were. They were standing there. I mean he didn't look just put them down or anything. So why is that. I mean that's not the smartest option. So maybe he's just trying to excite himself or maybe not I mean let's just saying who knows yeah and raise does hit so so hard but the thing about Jones's he throws elbows like punches. He has a way of not getting hit John. Not a guy who stands there like you know when you look like you remember you. So Roy Allison would fight. Roy was able to roll the punch and take a punch Josie had hit that much. Either he's a master at range like because he's very lanky and he knows how to use used that range. It's hard to get past. And then when they do get past the get met with Elbows Ama horrible elbows with a bleak kick. I mean Johnson nightmare that front on kicked a stomach like he just is. He's got he's four things he's throwing at you at all times. He's he's one of those guys he's not overrated now. He deserves every Lina put in front of him decisively but now he's going with a guy it's never tasted defeat. That's what makes it so interesting. Yeah Reya seems comfortable that we we have a dark lois. Let's start. What's up man? We should apologize we really. He's looking at the phone right now. Going it's what these this guy. Why do you think we stalk you own ass? He's looking at the phone right now. Going what are these guys want bothering me. Here's what it is. Where the girl that he slept with once and we won't stop bothering Jim? That's exactly going out again. And he's like I'm done with you guys all right. We Got Eric. Hi Derek. How are you stop? I apologizing yeah we we want a start by apologising. He's in the same shitty hotel. The same hotel that awful Wifi. We just had you on two weeks probably very tired of looking at us and we don't blame Um you a little bit. Yeah do you have Wifi or lt therapy. By the way. Is that the worst question you've ever been asked and if you I can't believe I just asked a a heavyweight fighter a legend who is fighting. So what's your phone plan. I really suck at this job. I'm I apologize. I'll tell Auger he looks lean. You look fucking lean. You look in shape. They're looking good shape. Our fucking miniature Verna Renault. See you're right where you want to be but yeah you do look a little You look leaner than normal. Maybe it's just the way you're sitting what you do look into the normal cutting away. If he's right there he's right. Wait lose to sixty five. She's right there. Yeah being fifty something if I water so we wanted to ask so. I'm good. You're ready of course he's ready nine weightwise so you don't have we'll talk to you about earlier Latifi already the last time we talked to you two weeks ago. So what are you watching that we wanted to ask you. What are you streaming streaming really touching on on the which they Jack Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime? Yeah how is it. Is it good pretty good. It's pretty doing real good interesting. See how I'm pretty sure it's accurate. Dan What a lot a lot of people breaking news. I heard things amount of doing. What's the movies pretty? Good Tom Book based on movies movies are they based on or is it. Was it books books. Tom Clancy books especially very around with fictional. They're pretty good though. Are you a big reader. I I used to read a lot and since I got my phone. Fifteen years ago my reading is his garbage like I never read anymore. I used to read a lot when I was in Britain and the books I as the reader. It's more like a rich stuck books. What kind like rex? Richest like Agai being poured is taking it out of the hood and stuff like that on racial wealthy guy. Did you play chess in prison or did you play before that. Oh yeah chest. Learn how to play chess. All you learn when you were there. There's some amazing level players in jail. I mean these guys who are really a great players. Because that's all they do all day is play Chassar. What's what's the crackheads is pretty good? And how long long were you in there again. You told us before I forget or bring her of year now a normal day. I know different days. You've probably got different things going on in the a yard or whatever. I don't know I've never been to prison. What's Normal Day? You wake up they tell you to get out of the bunker. I Dunno normal day in prison. Oh I guess a day in prison that you don't you're not chosen they get your own yourself rain side go ice and everything enthrone everywhere. So I'm guessing pretty normal day. That's everything the same. Every day can smoke. Norwegian prison coaches I get the sneaking in there or Gaza still smoking cigarettes smoking math all that still in the methyl rough off. Yeah that's what. I was thinking that we might make time go by a little quicker. I don't know I'm paranoid pot in jail. The the work. Yeah I was talking to somebody today. SABE working out in jail because you don't have so. Do you become amazing at like just doing body weight. Workouts like Guys doing all day to keep busy. Yeah L. They get a trash bag filling over water and do curls us on a broomstick some just do curls with that so now tell television in prison a lot of choices. who gets the remote control? Trolling the recall. What happens with this J? I WanNa know her no. It's no remote control that all real true they all get votes on shows. You get to watch everybody got all will get the house votes on same everybody wanted to watch. NBA and so they've put in requests and try to get the most vote song failing watching NBA. OR IF SOMEBODY TO WATCH SOAP OPERAS THEY WANNA put in or smile won't watch more we're putting votes for that I would have been by definitely would have been putting for Morrie I wanNA know fucking. I don't get hat. I'll all like Vegas. It's all I watch Maury. Aw I WANNA know is he the phone and not they go nuts when they are the girls yelp run out drink derek. Do you have any of your old cell mates or anybody used used to go to prison with. That sounds weird prisoner social club when you join up and go. Hey Man it's me look at you you know. Give me some money. I don't know you give people regional. Yeah they they reach out to guys reached out before it was proud of me and stuff like that and they were still calling me Dhamma prison name everybody call me Big Katie. What was then imprison be Katie Katie? Now what is that. What's that about? I want to know because breath I told him from Katy Texas and so they called me. Be Katie okay. Cad Y. K. A. K. H. O. T. O. is Katie Klty. Oh it's like it's like the Sokaia the name I thought it would have within the black beast in there. Got The black beast when I got out when I met my wife is in Colorado hanging career dairy even better. Wow more depressing. I would never little woman named me. The white the White Dud the appointment horrible. How how are you feeling Derek? And obviously you're ready you've been through this one hundred times before. How do you keep yourself from getting complacent because I mean you fought so many great fighters and not moving up? How do you keep yourself getting to a point where you're overconfident often where it can be dangerous album? Never counting him because like I said all the time this like all these guys were headed me. They've been doing martial arts. This kids and I just really started the learn martial arts like ten years ago everyone else don't all in life and it was like a lifestyle awesome so I'm still behind the game to everyone that I face so there's no I don't get overconfident at all. It doesn't article in fighting in. I know everybody division. Anything happen if the live in like that not to keep bringing up prison but what isn't like every day roses. Now that's fucking like somebody's college man. That's almost four years and you're in there and look at you now on top of the world fucking his instagram's over a million followers or I mean everybody knows you a success story but a win or lose you already already kind of been through. I mean some people would say how or are shitty period in your life. Don't you feel like a fucking winner. Now in general for shows shows like that I think about all the time whenever I look Eh beautiful cars and the side hustle businesses and stuff like that and think about where I came from the heather thing that I have no. It's always crazy feeling this light a meeting at the high no like every day every day in the morning just like a higher by itself. When you first I got out? What did you think you're GonNa do like when you when you first got got back into the real world? What did you think okay? This is what I'm GonNa do now goes excited. I wanted to be a tow truck driver on my friends came up there was working with AAA all writing base. Say They could get me all for AAA tow talk trucking so I wanted to do that and so whenever I got started doing that then while we start about doing.

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