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News a conversation with Mike rice about Nolan they're not on the Colorado Rockies what went wrong what's going on there and can it be mended before we get into the season we'll have that in a moment right now John Moore she's checking the drive for an early morning hours three hundred of right over folder for like a federal we got quite the math on several just of the north side of the bow river bike one two three four cars involved at a gravel and semi right here I'd federal and caught with his bloody both for the northbound lanes of federal all what car was punted across the raised media add it to the southbound lanes of traffic looks like it is up to the White Plains you got blockage or two so this is real a real measure of the stake through the accident of four cars and a big supply that's the federal northbound just north of the boulder turnpike at hot would stop and I twenty five for for quite that's a little fender Bender you see with the flash lights over on the right shoulder but the way over on the right shoulder not a big problem at all are you drive down jobless good checks at the drive in good shape get some heavy traffic so you start to see more traffic already spell G. seventy drive rub your westbound I. seventy six coming from two to five that ramp from northbound Gigi five the westbound I. seventy also real heavy this reporter sponsored by the Broadmoor make their hold your get away as a joke that their appreciation the bratwurst extending goes to raise their Colorado neighbor for the month of January twenty twenty with their Colorado appreciation offer on our way is a worldwide visit Broadway dot com today next update ten minutes okay wait eight fifty a a ninety four one FM your listening to Colorado's morning news later today at noon it's Mandy Connell on K. away the voice of Colorado this report is sponsored by discover we treat you like you treat you skies will be mostly cloudy today we'll see a high of forty nine degrees there will be some so showers in the high country but dry in the plains and the urban corridor I'm meteorologist Brooks garner fox thirty one pinpoint.

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