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That Clinton. Campaign emails had been hacked, and that they contacted stone to see when the emails might be released stones the six the Trump age charged in the Muller probe is arrest comes hours before former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort is due in court and made allegations. He intentionally lied to Muller's investigators that could jeopardize his bid for leniency when he's sentenced next month for financial crimes. Saga megani Washington? The Senate rejected two bills that would have ended a partial government shutdown one of the bills had the money. President Trump wanted for border security. The other did not the results the motion is not agreed to Vermont Democrat Patrick layhee says he knows what furloughed workers are feeling angry confused about why their paychecks are being held hostage. Maine Republican Susan Collins says this can be worked out compromise is not a dirty word. She says compromise is a sign of strength led us compromise to reopen government address border security. And get on with the business of this. Tantray press secretary Sarah Sanders, says President Trump would consider signing a short term Bill only. If it includes a down payment on the wall. Ed Donahue, Washington. I do. Scientific study finds most of the false information on Twitter is spread by a mini school. Handful of users. Researchers writing in the journal science examined the Twitter accounts of more than sixteen thousand users during the height of the two thousand sixteen election campaign, they found just sixteen of them spread eighty percent of all the misinformation masquerading as news those who did were more likely to be over the age of sixty five and politically conservative the super sharers were active sharing more than three hundred bits fake information each between August and December the study reached conclusions similar to one release this month about misinformation spread by Facebook. Warren Levinson, New York with a check on our weather. Here's news threes. Kelly Curran, we're looking at plenty of sunshine on this Friday and mild temperatures, sixty four degrees. That's the forecast time. Swings out of the northeast about five to ten miles per hour..

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