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Book, One of the odds from Crack Addict CEO, You're Gonna Get free shipping on a $25 gift card. Just go to my pillow dot com in the promo Code, Larry or Call 808 9 18 43 again. Make sure to use from a cold, very sound like a gentleman. It's probably not very happy that the mayor of Ella's gonna take some $150 million in the police. Ah, and combined that with another $100 million for 1/4 of a $1,000,000,000 in youth programs for blacks. Sounds like the gentleman probably feels that the money should be spent to. Ah, provide greater police protection in south central as too I don't see when South into what is it? You want me to do? You? Maybe just kind of just dropped by south Central and wave to people. What is it? What you need to hand out Master hookers? I have property in south Central, the home where I grew up. Still, there still visit there. The South Central all the time with my mom and dad were there and every now and then I drive by and I'd see somebody who'd recognize me. What are you doing here? I would say. What are you doing here? I've been here before you are you actually some of your papers and they start laughing. I'm afraid to go to where I was born and raised. But you don't live in south Central. Really? And Frank Sinatra didn't live in Hoboken grow up. Now. Yesterday we were talking about The various people we like. Who if we apply the zero tolerance Cancel culture standard that people are applying today. Then Ah, a lot of people would be Canceled. The John Wayne Airport. Is in Orange County. And there is a move now to rename the airport because of an interview that John Wayne gave in 1971. I think it was in Playboy magazine, where he said some things that were deemed to be racially insensitive. I told you yesterday that Morley the King used to have AH advice column. Ebony magazine. And some closeted gay young man wrote. And ask for advice. And Amy Okay, gave him the kind of advice that people gave gay people advice in 19 fifties, which was Well, you know, you recognize you have a problem. Pray, pray, pray and find a really good psychiatrists and consult a psychiatrist and see what you can do about rectifying the situation. Now that kind of advice would be deemed to be homophobic today. You want to hold him okay to that standard. Bobby Kennedy. Bobby Kennedy was the G for his brother. And to my knowledge, Bobby Kennedy had never served one day at a law firm. But anyway, he was Theeighty. Can you imagine that? Imagine if Donald Trump made his brother the age nine states anyway? So Bobby Kennedy was a G And he is beloved the song by Dionne. Anybody see my old friend Abraham Martin and John. He works in Bobby a little bit in the song. Well, he approved J. Edgar Hoover's request to wiretapping me, okay? Harry Truman. Respected by both Republicans and Democrats. In a letter he wrote to a friend referred to Jews with the K word and called New York K Town. Something that Jesse Jackson did years later and apologize for And Harry Truman was instrumental in the Recognition of the modern state of Israel. Now. I also talked to you about some of these Confederate generals. The statues are being taken down. One of them. General William Mahone was one of Robert E. Lee's Best commanders he owned slaves before the Civil War. But after the war He led an interracial political movement. Was called the Readjusted party. He became a leader, and it was the most successful interracial political alliance in the post Emancipation South. He was elected to Senate 18 81. At the time, the Senate was split 37 37 between Republicans and Democrats, but he aligned with Republicans. The party that was founded two decades earlier by northerners trying to stop slavery. And for a period time his readjusted party dominated Virginia. With the governor in the state House to re adjusters in the Senate and readjusted replicating six days. 10 congressional district again. This is the party off interracial political alliance. He also the party. The re gestures in Virginia also establish what became Virginia State University, the first state supported college to train black teachers. Democrats hated the re adjusters. And hated the Republicans and call them Advocates of black domination into quote. Then there's Lieutenant General James Longstreet, again. Another one of Lee's favorite generals. He became a Republican after the war, served in Republican administrations and fought a battle against the racist White League in New Orleans. He urged Southerners to support Republican Party endorsed their candidate. Ulysses S. Grant for president, 1968. Speaking of Grant, he also has has been cancelled. He owned a slave before the civil War. And, of course, was a successful commander to lead the union to victory. Became president became a Head of the NRA, which was one of his purpose was to train people, including black people, how to defend themselves. I won't tell you about another. Southern Confederate general named Patrick Claiborne. Rose to the rank of major general. Then his career stalled..

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