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Takes whatever sort of crew tonnes that they're left with and turn it into a seven course meal yeah and and and and we'll just shape it will steer it and obviously if you can evoke the military the fighting man right you know and then all of a sudden it so what what happens is as you go i'm all for his right to take any he can express himself any way he'd lightly and if he doesn't want to face the flag doesn't have to face a flight but i had to face at flight when it was draped over the coffin of my son and i think got off the c one thirty and that same flag that car break that was over by sense coughing and if you wanna disrespect my son well then this is the way and now the sunnier stark on no i don't want to disrespect any two atr's con sun comes home and a bodybag where the flag on it like south easy right it's an easy turn that they make i mean that's kind of what you know it's interesting in the criminal justice system when they started having the victims bill of rights which i always thought and they made it constitutional the kind of ram through the country and obviously is part of the pendulum swings them been there was during the 50s there was the warren court chief justice warren swung one way and then you uh that it's swings back under burger and one of the things they did was to label anybody who came into the courtroom who was a complaining witness that you were transformed into a victim already you already wore the mantle of victim right as you came in and so it was always the defendant and that's a great way when you say defendant a great way to strip somebody of their humanity and just kind of europe now the verbiage is great i both sides hobby lobbies denying their employees access to perth charlie.

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