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Luxembourg what's up man Joey how you doing my brother fantastic K. been well I'm leaving Luxembourg on Saturday okay mmhm they got the coronavirus your jump so what you gonna do where you headed I'm going to China right really thank you no no but but but China's actually believe it or not they turned up from what I saw on Tuesday turned a corner Rachel which says maybe that's a lie I don't know but it seems like that'll that'll countries quarantine no one don't go there but that wasn't my the reason I called obviously yeah couple things as as a fan of the show I was just just call fire rapid fire share a joke two days ago last week you're killing me bro I'm just Chillin on board I know was important yeah but again you're the main reason I listen but I love I especially love to hear what John's reaction when you lose it be to hammer yeah we have heard it a couple times joy sixteen times I'll make sure it doesn't happen anymore hi yeah we'll compare really building up well but yeah John yeah you're in a hundred and thirty competitions I mean you're bound low when you get out of work every Friday it's hard to get that number to where it needs to be done in nineteen ninety six Michael Jordan lost ten regular season games I mean it's it's gonna happen sometimes you think about it then he lost ten regular season games in eighty two I've only lost sixteen times and like I don't know a hundred thirty something that's pretty amazing it's it's it's it's amazing by the way Joe your your name the camera should be pronounced the not when we pronounce what any anything more syllable Italian name should be the certainty that the action should be on the third so what I what I'm on what if I'm not Italian and what if I'm not Italian not Italian I might might be might not be able to figure it out well it certainly the name is the name the name is not Italian well what is it that semester like they say in the movie Shakespeare in love semester I'll save people to figure out well John I'm now I'm never going to by the way I'm gonna defend you one thirty dozen thank you well because the reason the reason that separate you at the cast like the previous caller says yeah we Marvin telly Savalas Charles Bronson earns more nine Jim Brown John Cassidy yeah it was an all star cast yeah it was an all star cast at the time I'm with Weber come on very well well done I've been to give me a movie tough guy no you might not be here in the states when the concert happens in the summer we got a shot that movie tough guy well Joe Joe I want to compare you to Muhammad Ali first I'm gonna get so much like my I'm an account on the tied to it okay you know Ali when he was when he was first of when he first bought him an interview than before after the four digit year display of my flight and then they put him on a wrestling card and that he saw those guys talking about who is going to care limb from limb and I had to join out that's what you do Joe used you you really need John and Jimmy I love it you wind them up and it's what makes me come back every time so my my my bad guy is a lot of our original Maj Ali is Carl weathers and rocking one movie tough guy you got very always great hearing from you from Luxembourg thank you van great idea he goes with a Pollock your biggest fan he is my big yeah he gives Joe a lot more credit then Joe deserves its like many were here to body no no no Joe deserves a lot of credit let don't get me wrong now but with it but V. anything said that Joe is like strategically doing things that he just does yeah I think I had him yeah it's just that it just be an himself like I am a fan of the dirty is right whether it's a dirty dozen or dirty dancing I you know I I like the berries let's go to Tom in Abington yeah Tom it also hours are we doing today hi Tom that's not that's not the only thirty I like go ahead time she said she's your biggest family that made me Joe not not not my biggest fan so I don't need it then you can jot down on your pad over there but first I have a very important question for ya que did you pay for that cheese burger yes yes I did I did I went back actually the end of the show and I pay for that's correct okay so I know how you look to weasel out your batteries run about a street legal out of there I pay for do you have proof I don't have proof I always I always have to know thanks on the do you want to receive so yeah no proof next time they can get a receipt John yeah right I was just paper now there's no there's no paper that comes out of the email I he was so we'll email you a receipt like at a doctor's office you want me to email to you no I want you to print it and that way I'll have it when it's time for tax time I don't have to print it myself thank you all right so I'm gonna okay about the pink to enduring early Peter not right as usual what what how many wings in your opinion can a good manager add to a team like what's the ranger gosh I I guess I guess about three or four but I I I disagree with the assumption that everyone assumes you're already does that I don't think I don't think apple ours is bad a lot of people thought really yeah I mean it was a great game manager I think the fact that the Phillies had the issues they had last year which was dissolved last issues injury and specific what's his actual managing again I'll answer your question this way when a team is eighty one and eighty one but has a negative run differential that tells me the manager did things in games and by the way pregame preparing lineups that is better than people think they have a negative run differential had a five hundred record how to explain that I use use my eyes gel I think it's a terrible manager now I mean you know you're talking about an experience I know is this first go around I mean we'll see what happens in San Francisco but I think he's one of the worst managers as I have ever seen yeah John to talk up that run differential to being extremely changeable like high highs and low lower I mean I can be part of it you can you can re rabbit ten run inning and then that inflates you're you know you're you're a plus ten for the year I mean you know you're that is part of your year but I'm just saying like Tom I think the Kaplan I can't remember every individual instance but he's putting a lineup together he's putting pictures out there on the basis of what he thinks strategically is wise based on all sorts of numbers he's got in his arsenal disposal prior to the game and in the game and I just don't think he got credit for the things that didn't work I think he got out in game decisions after that I can't really yes I mean I'm being okay well I know you are but Alec Baldwin actor looks like way out of place at third base he actually made a great play to end the game yesterday third base defense he told us right yeah he did he did hi Tom movie tough guy who got all the detail officer Jimmy Malone from untouchables he's always keep it accurate gadget yeah hello a big fan well it's a tough guy yeah it is it's offer guidance stone stone was a tough guy young Andy Garcia is a tough guy so yeah he's a tougher guy then Garcia does does I mean if they have to fight that device does gonna rip them up course that Sean Connery is like sixteen that moving yeah when you go out Capone overall them now okay so what was really tough guy he's a people problem up around if we're talking about if I had seen is pretty tough guy yeah well no no it's that still because I know everyone else what's what's that too and and then not come outside the end of the ice it's Victor alpha I don't know Andy Garcia does not seem like a tough guy like I just no matter what given that movies pretty good well yeah I I'm with you not since when a man loves a woman but you know it's I write that I mean when I say I don't remember that movie I saw it there's three movies and I think I want to get any Garcia I think of when a man loves a woman the touches like you're you're crazy about when a man loves a godfather three right will be about an alcoholic ocean's eleven ocean's eleven yeah that's a good movie man when a man loves or hates I thought it was awful it made me feel so grown it's a tiny waist it's a tough devastating it I agree with you on that I agree.

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