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Such a seductive words. They named a food delivery service after it but a dangerous word, too. Because for technology to read and respond to us in real time in east to make decisions about us on its own. Mayor In the last episode, We spoke with Lisa Talia Moretti about some of the risks of facial recognition technology. That's not her only area of research, something that I was looking into really recently as Relationship with technology is completely shifting. So we moving from a relationship with technology where we are asking it to do something, you know it's a pure sort of input output. And what now we're moving towards is a relationship with technology where we are trusting technology to make decisions on our behalf. Lisa teaches at Goldsmiths in London and Cardiff University. She told us about how her students have encountered technology, making its own decisions about their future prospects. One of the things that the students are starting to do is to game of the algorithms that are being used to mind through candidates. CVS And so what They figured out is if they put rice in white text anywhere on the TV Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, they're more likely to get through to the interview process. The students know that recruiting algorithms prioritized applications from certain schools, so they pepper their applications with words. They know the algorithm will like. Parisian in white, so the human recruiters and under wiser, their marketing themselves straight to the AI, their gaming the algorithm system, which I think is pretty genius. It's also in certain things where students or candidates.

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