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As well as his friends and family. Christie was hospitalized a week ago, hours after confirming he had tested positive for covert 19 and two days after President Trump tested positive. Christy was part of the team that prepped the president at the White House the night before his September 29th debate with former vice president and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The former governor had also attended the September 26th Rose Garden ceremony for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Amy Cockney Barrett. In New York. Tanya J. Powers. Fox News, Virginia Man admits he bribed an FBI official to win profitable business contracts 63 year old Robert Bailey entering a guilty plea in U. S District Court, He acknowledged that he bribed an official from the FBI in order to get construction and maintenance contracts at an Idaho data center. Court records don't indicate if the FBI official has been charged in court documents say Bailey made payments and gave valuable items to the FBI employees between 2016 and 2018. He could get 15 years in prison when he's sentenced in December. Krista Male Fox News a Dallas woman is facing a murder charge after police say she performed an illegal buttocks injection. According to an arrest affidavit, A friend drove Latorre King to meet the person who would perform a butt injection procedure on May 11th. King was gone for hours. The suspect used a large needle with a plastic tube and king was told she was being injected with saline and water. Afterwards, King's friend says she complained of pain and a fever. King went to Texas Health. Hughley Hospital May 14th and died three days later. Katie F. W. Fox, Dallas is Lin and the wind. I'm Joe here. W A B C traffic in transit delays in New Jersey A crash on the car lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike South founded eggs of 13 A and pick wanted New Jersey. A collision on 2 87 South near Exit. 52. Delays of up to 30 minutes Outbound on the Holland Tunnel 10 minutes in from both won nine of the New Jersey Turnpike, Lincoln tunneled sunder to taking on two way traffic. 5 to 10 Minutes into the city on the George Washington Bridge. Henry Hudson Parkway Slow in both directions with.

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