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Rita ora up to. Who is this woman. Rita hosted an entire party. An entire pride party that had incredible incredible attendees including demi levato and in paris jackson and ashley benson and her friend vase mortgages morgan was her best friend. Who's like her best friend and comments on every despond the person who would you call it funded this. These dinner wasn't none other than a company called tape. That's what kills me like. I was just like wow. This looks like a nice dinner. That danilo went to that was hosted by rita ora. Who paid for it. Booby tape love without limits. Booby tapash tag ad. I mean and love without limits. I contact. rita is wearing a dress. That's definitely with support of some. Booby tape are really uses. Booby tape all the time. I think it's great. I think it's a great Partnership i bet that she was like. Oh i love booby tape absolutely or whatever i don't know when does not say till like a sponsored. You know she's the hostess with the most s. She's always this with the mouse right. It makes sense to wildest news maybe the wildest read a nuisance takeaway t t is that her oliver twist movie that went straight to sky tv that we watched. That's terrible is getting an american release is getting an american release. This is the state of cinema right now that like. They're importing twist and putting it in theaters. It's getting an american release but without rita like she's in the movies but they've no but they've erased her from the entire marketing campaign. It's michael came lena. He'd be and lena. Hedy is not an much like leaning allen but like she's barely and they're not even on this poster that they're promoting it with raff laws on the poster but his name isn't on the poster so it's like clearly like they they're like kay nizing it in a way they're trying to like pivoted towards an american audience which means we don't know who rita ora is so we don't get read were on the cover which we don't wrap law is so we're not putting rap laws name on ab anyway. The little disrespectful. But like whatever i guess i get it i get it but i'm also like that release says a lot about the way that it really is a lot about the work that we do and like the people who are like. Isn't rita ora them now. And i'm like look at this poster. You know like not in america right. It's just very clear when you see this. The market research says that read it or is not selling a movie. She selling a booby tape. Maybe she selling bubis as effectively. I know i'm like i don't want to buy it. But you know what i mean like. She's not selling a movie quite yet. Twist hits theaters july thirtieth and we'll be available digitally and on demand the same day. I'll see them theaters with the lindsay. No you won't. We will not send theaters. We saw it already. It sucked whatever draft house going to eat. Popcorn were gods i'll watch. I'll see anything else in theaters. I'd rather watch. Professor michio bogeyman again. Detective peak bogus you again. That's a really good one. Yeah it was fantastic. I'd love to see it again. Rita's great in it okay. We're done thank you for listening to other episode of a weekly call in six one nine who them to leave questions comments concerns that can be katie and eric. The who's four providing our read theme song rate reviews on apple podcasts. Please we love your ratings and viewings supporters on patriot upset. She'll be twice weekly bonus episodes. And we'll see you on friday with another episode of. Who's there i. They wanna know pain fame it..

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