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Means I the need flair. But maybe better plumbing, I'm guessing due to it with related Wrigley field. Yeah. Go keep the still look like from the outside, but more toilets. Let don't sell your field and Lanta spaceship on it. Well, that's that's a very good difference. Right. So I think the integrity of Wrigley field. The ballpark has been largely maintained say what you want about the buildings in the neighborhood but Wrigley field from the outside civics Wrigley field when you drive by from the outside from the outside. Yeah. Hey, listen. We decided we could live at the scoreboard. We decided we could live with the lights. I think people are happy with the changes made inside Wrigley. But I mean, I think probably everyone is agreed the outside of Notre Dame will be restored the way it was. But it is about the inside. Oh is that with this story? I think well you've got that spire. What are they going to do with the spire? They're going to build the spiral back. Exactly. Or do. They want to do something different. I'm not saying put a cell tower there, although this is a real revenue opportunity for them. And I wouldn't say no right away. Wouldn't it be terrible? If a dish on the top of thing, so they're arguing about should it be exactly as it was or should we grow should we evolved? See I thought there was more about an interior question, which I could be more acceptable than I think the exterior you'd better stay true. That's the way. I would do. It interferes interesting discussion, I don't know about that. And of course, materials to decide what to do in that sun for you know, they rebuilt it in the in the eighteen hundreds and he wanted to stay true to the origin. And that's why there were timber in there that he had but. But they might have used more steel. But he was saying, well, that's not the way it was done rethink that one. But I would also say that's my that to me at least supports the case of evolving. It I mean, it was built eight or nine hundred years ago, it has had numerous desecrations and rebuild. Anyway. So you don't have the original as it is the White House burned to the ground once upon a time. So I'm okay with the evolution of these buildings. So here comes on the patio you up to speed on the last thirty second. Now, we're going to the clock tick for thirty seconds. You get one last chance to say one. Last thing you want to say say a lot of pride. I'll go three two one wolf I've been watching the show on Netflix. Ricky Gervais show is called afterlife and Ricky Gervais. She's one of those guys. I don't think I've talked about this yet who is a real can be a real hit or miss. But when he was a hit when he's got the right material, he's dead on. And he plays a guy behind the show wrote and everything who recently lost his wife. He's desperate are despairing. I should say. So he doesn't care about anything. It's very funny. He writes for a look. Local newspaper in England. It's called afterlife. And he comes around toward the end, ready, Patty. Thanks, let me get my stop much go by vice Bertrand. Five four three two one. Go fifteen years old, my older son Griffin. And I have been spending a lot of time with them. And I find that I'm very protective of when we can do watch movies or talk about politics because I only have three more years left before he goes off to college. And I realize now that I wish along the way I had realized when the last time would be the last time I would pick him up from the crib? Maybe in the last time. I change his diaper last time he would hold my hand because I tried to reach over to hold his hand the other day, and he wouldn't let me I can't remember when the last time was. Yeah. Bookham to parenthood. He's fifteen block. You you had to tell fifteen that watching movies last summer, and I remember he let me hold me. Hold his hand. And I was like, oh, you still to do that unless you're not so much, but you must be kind of happy about that too. He's a teenager gets flipped my hand away. He flipped my hand away. John. Thirty second school like this. The other day we talked Marvin Sussman on my show. He is ninety five he was at Normandy on d day. In fact, he was there two hours before the troops to secure an island just off the beach, the podcast is on my Facebook page and on my station page, WGN radio dot com. We cannot appreciate with those guys went through and did and he is still able to tell his stories look for Marvin Sussman on YouTube and our podcast Patti Vasquez. Thanks for coming in. Thank you for having see Bertrand. Thanks for coming in the air exhort. Sorry. You're sick Scott status. Sorry. You couldn't join us. Justin kaufman. Sorry. You couldn't join us. But I'm.

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