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The kids that organize the march will not be silent victims of gun violence the marches are put together by the students at survived the deadly massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high in florida in california the heartbroken family of an unarmed man shot and killed by police they're speaking out tonight demanding justice video shot from a police helicopter captures the man running away when the officers on the ground opened fire danielle nottingham reports justice the grandmother of stefan clarke had an emotional plea twenty two year old was unarmed when he was shot and killed in a police chase in sacramento more than a week ago the officers one white at one black opened fire believing clark was pointing a gun at them shot once but a black man holding a cell phone shot twenty times the police were responding to reports of a man breaking car windows they say clark was spotted shattering a neighbor's window minutes after the shooting both officers muted the audio of their body cameras both have been put on paid administrative leave a week of protests has followed in the wake of the deadly shooting players for both the sacramento kings and boston celtics unify during sunday's practice with a psa tragedies have to stop they dont warm up shirts calling for police accountability with the hashtag stefan clark danielle nottingham hawaii news now silence fire alarms and locked doors are being blamed for a deadly tragedy the mall in russia cell phone video captured the chaos has shoppers tried to escape.

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