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Ass ninety percent. I love you. But i will say if you come to venice. I'll try and do some sort of like travel blog or something on the instagram's y'all know what the fuck to do but it is fire. We love it. We went to a restaurant last night. We made three new vacation friends. You know. I love a vacation friend. We said at the sexy little place called the restaurant. Dave george clooney's replace now my new. I had called this joint to get a reservation. The hotel couldn't get us has like. I'm gonna fuck and try it called at like eight mike. Maybe you know somebody in show up. I call me like no. We can't under. We can get you in mike i. I'm making a reservation. Talked about myself with a third person for actress. heather mcmahon. I don't know if i thought because of in his film festival is here. They'll be like oh you know. Maybe she's lingering. She wanted to hang out festival. The guy literally without a why. Why are you wanna eat here. Yeah he was like no never heard of you. Okay we give you nine o'clock. I and i was just like well. We got the reservations so it worked but being in italy. No one gives a fuck. No one gives a fuck who you are less. You are george. Clooney trail brad pitt. Or you know julia roberts. They don't care who you know but even at that restaurant which the restaurant we went to was george clooney's place you notice. It was only like matt damon. George clooney brad pitt on the walls. Yet if you haven't done one billion in career box offices they don't give some cruise nonni single female actress. But it's such an italian. Like i don't know what the italian word from achieves moas because that's spanish with the word for like the male ego in a diet while i have no molly go so you're asking the wrong you don't never okay. Love my girls. He did call me queen today. And i will use stretching my back. And he he goes. I gave her the same patronizing voice. That i reagan tony when he stretches in the morning he goes gas queen. Yes queen stretch the straps. Yeah great stretch. So there is a great social media club and heather turned me onto a little becky probably a few weeks ago where it's basically if you do not congratulate your dog when it wakes in the morning and stretches you are a complete psychopath your asshole. You're probably you know a baby stealer. I don't know you're a horrible person. Yes so javid. Call me at queen today. So that is great but anyways we went to this restaurant last night. How'd you describe the ambiance. I mean this is one of my top ten spots that i've been to in a long time very small very intimate very old school. A true hidden gem the guy who's the maitre d' impossibly the owner giovanni looks like andrew dice. Clay to the point and if you don't only clay as an old comedian and like coke bottle glasses giant glasses. I mean it's like old school style and through the canals you can actually arrive by boat. You can walk there but you can also arrive by boat. Which is some gangster shit if you if you can roll up to a restaurant via gondola waterways. Yeah you roll in. Have your fragrant truffle pasta. Have your steak do a little Marone bought a big boom. You get in the boat and you're fucking just jet now through the dark waters venice. That's mob shit that is mob sheds pablo escobar esque. Just a quick getaway is available. Yeah should you need it. should you need it. You can literally get your rigatoni and then roll out. But i'll tell you what. There's something about venice when you arrive. And you're on the you know the water taxi and you feel the wind in your hair and you see the city. You're like first of all. I don't understand how this plays was fucking built. Can you explain this argument engineer. Architects known you for eleven years. I'm not an engineer. You still just don't seem to be grasped like do you. Do no one knows. That's the beauty of it. And i'm not going to explain it because that's how you get to charge the big bucks when nobody knows what you do. The big bucks okay. That's why you're charging 'cause at it. Looks like as of right now. You're charging me the big bucks to take you vacation and i would like to know when you're going to step up to the plate and make one dinner reservation and use your good name which is also a celebrity name and call these places and go. Hi. i'm jeff daniels. The actor from dumb and dumber and star of the newsroom. I would like to come to your restaurant since you do not accept female celebrities you just want me to finagle. Some italian mater dei. Yes jeff because they clearly only care if you're a famous man they don't know the you're not the jeff daniels. So why aren't you helping me going out on a limb and getting us good tables at restaurants singer too so we can clarify you want me to feed into this toxic system. Yes get you dinner reservation. Does it mean. I'll have truffle pasta. Yeah i don't give a fuck. I will pretend to be your assistant. Your mail order bride. I want good see you walk five feet behind me and only raise your head to speak when spoken to listen. I am all about smashing the patriarchy but when it means you get a top notch reservation and you get top notch. Struggles at a tiny little restaurant and venice. You do what you have to do. Ladies you know it you know. Sometimes you gotta suck dick from verse. Some brusca oud that needs to be a bumper sticker when need to sell on tour. Yeah i pronounce that suck dick vergara brisket button second. I mean listen. There's a italy. I have i am thriving. I am glowing. My skin is fresh Also feel very light in the step. I know what you're thinking. Heather you've been just gorging yourself of carbs to lotto cheese for judo. But i swear to god. We have not left a single meal where we have felt. Ill sick full. You know in america you hit that stay counts whatever. We're eating red meat the shit but we haven't left a single meal. Wouldn't you say were either of us. Feel like had that natural reaction. We do at an american restaurant really. I'm really full uncomfortable. No it's content. it's light it's belly. Cima yes belize. Everything is fantastic. My belly is belief sima now. I mean by exit has cleared up. And guess what. The only place that i drink. Full-fat real milk in my cappuccinos is here. I have to drink almond milk. I gotta drink the fuck and coconut milk. S- back home. And i'm always flared up rashy red itchy scaly here two days drinking regular milk because the cows are multi ben and what happens. I have no flare ups. You really are the tests experiment. For how awful. The american food industry is really and how fantastic a natural approaches to kind of making food and preserving food and all the above because your asthma has from what we left for what we let the sky club a couple of days ago it is it is completely gone. It was hot red. I mean we were getting on that flight. Jeff looked at me. He goes bad. You gotta gnarly flare up. My arms are on fire. My whole body hurt. Because i had something in the sky club that didn't settle right with me at eight comes out through my skin and here i am. What a week in italy and i am glowing. How do you feel baby. You're glowing feel fantastic. Yeah i mean. I'm not at my latest right now but i feel light just with everything that we've been eating in the way that we've been eating. You feel light because penn state one okay. You're in oil. What i feel to my legs is because of testing. The food is why feel is an area that you realize why. That's such a creepy fucking comment. You have a boner for men. This is homoerotic. I've said it before football. It's a brotherhood. Yes that's where you were going. Yes football and sports is the brotherhood's at brotherhood takes. It takes a village a brotherhood. But why do you. Why are you sexually aroused by twenty year. Old man running around you just said. You have a boner. It's not a literal expression heather. I don't know you anymore. The other night we were laying in a gorgeous hotel. Modena jeff just start.

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