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Fastball, faster fastball, Slower fastball. Those were my cancer that I had a great curveball for that theory. But that was back in the time period where they tried to discourage you from throwing curveballs could, they said it'll ruin your arm at a young age? I think that's still good advice. To be honest with you. I don't think you should be doing to tell you're a teenager myself. But I've heard pitching coaches actually say that same thing. What are you a curveball to a 12 year old and you throw a good when they're not going to hit it? No, they might dive out of the box thinking. Yeah. Okay. Now, the last choice John Drummond, What's your pick? I will. That bonds bad is very tempting. I'm going to go with Aaron. Because they say you bring the guy who took you to the dance in this case is Aaron. And, of course, was rookie cards as we fall last week with Willie Mays was Ricky cars They're hard to be. I'm going to go with Aaron and at 1950 for rookie card. Okay, so that you join Vince with with Aaron. Now, if you guys are incorrect, Vince won't lose a point. But John Drummond will. So that's Oh, Are you sure you are You sure you want to keep it cool, cagey veteran is trying to figure it out here now is working. The egg goals were OK, That's it. Okay. Now the Let's see. The fourth best item was the Lou Gehrig 1933 gaudy card number 92 1 $1300. Third best item. Hank Aaron 1950 For Ricky, say 3.5. It's a little bit of a low grade for that card $1500 still a good price. Okay. The second best item. Ted Williams 19 Before Wilson Frank's card, say 3, 25 $100 and Eric blows up the list. Eric's Get the first one. It's a trend $2700 for the berry bands. 1991 You slugger bed. PSA. Nine Coin fighters believed. Eric. Let's see that then that far but really tighten things up. John Drummond loses 10 No back before again with Nancy Huggins in the lead. Vince has to Eriks moved up. Remember back in the days when everyone was negative with a question mark? No, He's the adjustment. I made I just into the pictures. That's what I did. He's with faith. Enough late studying the old ox results Well, thanks for joining us Nancy Huggins and Jen Drummond and will talk to both you next week for the next edition of Which ended higher. Thank you. Ok, wait. This is Nancy. I was wondering if I could have a moment. Sure. I wanted Teo let everyone know about a new Documentary on Netflix called Rising Phoenix Good Family, a wonderful family friend of ours. Tatiana McFadden, who was 16 metal 15 medals at the Paralympics. Over her career since the age 15 on DH. She's also multiple marathon Grand slammer, so she's won all four ism of the racing Marathon. Boston Chicago, London and New York. I think I have a son photo of her on the wall. A T crown. Actually, yes, She's awesome. She's a very good friend of our daughter's. And she was one of the producers of this DR documentary When I watched the other night that was actually called rising Phoenix and it's about the Paralympic Games. It's about the apparel Olympic Games. It talks about the beginning. How came about as well as they highlighted. What did you say about six or eight of the athletes and how they got to be where they are Very good on Netflix. It was premiered Wednesday. Okay, six. And it's called rising. Very cool. Thanks for letting us know that something especially now the way TV is, too. People are looking for programs. The white so it sounds like a good one. Nancy, for sure. All right, Excellent. And it comes out right around the time that Olympics. We're supposed to happen. Yeah. Rising. Phoenix and Netflix will check it out. Okay? No product talk to you next week. Wait down the line. Jason from Paxton. What's up, Jason? How's it going, Everybody, Thanks for waiting. I spoke to. I spoke to Bill before I spoke to you as well, Tom several years ago, probably. But my my Lakers collection was pretty pretty well known. I was the guy who had 57 pairs of game in your Kobe shoots complete uniforms. Oh, yeah, and that, but You still have a lot of stuff and Yeah, I've sold most of it. That's what I was going to talk to bill about. I still have five pairs again. You shoes of Kobe? I'm the guy who sold sold that Kobe Bryant eighth grade yearbook at auction in February. The one where you wrote, how about those Lakers and I had a great love letter, Michael Jordan wrote that poem that only you poem I've sold all of that, and I turned it all into. I have a full letter written by George Washington. I have Abraham Lincoln's historic autographs like that now, but But I still have five game you shoes of Coley photo matched in that. You know, I have pictures of him giving him tto. Sure Bill would be happy to run now. Bill, would you still be able to get those into the October action or what? He wanna wait till February for those Well, gosh, you got fired, but we could do one in each word, you know? Yeah, that's true. Well, Yen give us a call, and ah, that's something for my number. The number of Hogan's and Scott 3016080355 cool. I'll give you give you call. Very good. Thanks, Jason. All right. Well, it's time for a short break. Now the number here is 3123323776 were until late. Hang in there, we'll be right back. ESPN 1000 Chicago's home for sports got a shipment that needs to get out the door today and.

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