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He's got a check one of them. And that means a ton of ball screens. You got a guard. These guys out the twenty feet. So you're getting hit with screens that out on the floor. You're chasing all over the place because they also move without the ball. They come out to transition. I just think. All the energy that he has to use t -fensive -ly new series is going to affect his officiency on the other end of the floor that what can help Russell Westbrook guys making some three point shots for him. I mean, it's been laughable how poorly they shot the ball from three point line. When you look at guys like, Jeremy grater, Terrence Ferguson, they're getting a lot of minutes in this series, and collectively they just have not been able to put their stamp on it to take some of the pressure off of Paul George. Russell Westbrook on that end of the floor. But for me, this is gonna come down to a film session and practice session when they get back to okay, see to figure out how they're going to do a better job containing Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum on these ball screens because they can -pletely control this game for forty eight minutes thunder owned the blazers in the regular season winning all four, but they are now heading home down to coach Billy Donovan Gallo. Dot com column. Lewis scored on in isolation quite a bit off the dribble. What's your segment of whether they're making great plays? Yeah. Was was was well defended. And you know, what makes those guys challenging is shoot three's with range, and they can play off the dribble. And they're really good off the dribble gets speech. You've got obviously get up on them, which creates more space. But I didn't think that they really totally hurt us in a lot of pick and rolls as much as to your point. I thought we really had a hard time containing them on the dribble. Just in in space all season long. You guys have had these struggles shooting. You have stretches and often you've talked about whether you stick with the plan or kind of deviate. What's the key? They're sticking with the why is it that some nights you guys can do that. And some nights you sort of euro in terms of like, what do you mean? In terms of the bulb, you know, again, I think that you know, like anything else guys have got a lot of confidence and belief in themselves individually. I think there's a reason all these guys up here at this level is because of that you want guys playing confidently you guys playing aggressively. But you know, we've got understand times at times, you know, a good shot. Versus a great shot and trying to find that great shut inch fine line. Because I thought there was a couple of opportunities where guys had shots that. I wouldn't I wouldn't say it was a bad shot. But there may have been one more pass that would have made it a great shot. Thunder to hold a series shifts to Oklahoma City for game three on Friday. Nothing like finding yourself in ten nothing whole and not basketball. That's where it gets bad. It's next. Sportscenter allnight, ESPN radio. I would bet more money that Golden State wins the next game by thirty than I would they lose the.

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