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Not that concerned about it shares of microsoft have risen more than forty percent over the past year so maybe that's why wall street shrugged after microsoft's third quarter revenue came in just shy of twenty seven billion dollars jason and cloud continues to get it done for them yeah i mean you have to really love what's the nfl is doing for this business i mean he was such a great hire at such a pivotal time for this company cloud as you mentioned remains big opportunity and i think that makes sense given the company's installed days on the enterprise side they continue to grow the business across all three main business segments big opportunities in gaming obviously we see microsoft every day in some shape or form and i think if there's one place one area where i think microsoft is weak and and i think this is really probably the only place it's mobile right and i mean you don't see mobile really anywhere in their releases they only mention the word five times in the conference call and even those five times essentially meaningless and that's problem in a mobile world right so when we talk about these companies that are growing so fast the first company to a trillion dollar market kaffir example i mean it's not saying microsoft couldn't get there but they're going to have a really hard time if mobile's not a part of that strategy in so when you put them up to companies like amazon and alphabet i mean the growth rates speak for themselves i mean microsoft isn't keeping anywhere close to the pace that those tech giants are even though they're they're investing at that same pace so good quarter good business just just you know it's difficult difficult space to keep a to keep any sort of sustainable competitive advantage aren't real quick before wrapup since you mentioned the race to a trillion dollar market cap we've got microsoft and google just over seven hundred billion amazon around seven hundred thirty five billion oh yeah there's apple eight hundred twenty billion who you picking in this race david apple has a head start i'll go with them i've been consistent with amazon i'm sticking with it i've been inconsistent.

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