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Baby driver and so l gort right there was another not dry courtney but another kind of potato had guide like oh i think jack rayner yeah talented like him in i like him more or anyplace scumbags like like him in like free fire or whatever you know like but han solo is very tricky because i think here's some other ones i got some of the names for you dave franco sure right on a small people harrison ford's tall he's six foot two it's weird aaron taylor johnson really is like a list of like nick robinson who's the guy who is just in love simon rate rami malik like you said ed westwick that sense let's not talk about teams to bak clark gable really do you know i looked at the the list of hosts from two seasons ago on snl and they're literally five host from that season who would never be allowed back on the show right coup like louis c k 's or casey affleck he shouldn't have been hosting four five from one season that casey affleck dunkin sketches funny though for that episode tom felton former drako malfoy weird logan lerman chris pratt that's not true scott eastwood's on this list this was a wide net ephron involved ever i think he was which is weird because he was sort of like someone who tested for every room but also the problem is that it was like god hustle everyone loves him so charismatic so charming so confident but there couple tricky things but hunt so that i think often get lost in people's minds you know that they don't really breakdown which is one hyunsil always has a chip on his shoulder yes true there's a little bit of an anger to the character yes he's an asshole but not in the way where he's like mean to people it's more like he just has like a sort of simmering energy yeah because here's the thing that i analyzed in the first thirty minutes of this movie where i started getting really excited i felt like they were getting the character right uhhuh hyunsil will always acts high status he's always low status sure hans was always kind of input upon.

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