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To you by health guys dot com. Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is into its second day, House managers are laying out their case with Trump's lawyers to follow. You can follow developments that w b a b com double masking. Getting a green light from the Centers for Disease Control. Wearing any mask is better than none, says the CDC. But to mass may be better than one director Rochelle once, he says. Researchers found two methods that helped reduce exposure by more than 96% and laboratory tests wearing the cloth mask over the procedure mass And nodding and tucking the ear loops of the medical procedure mask. The recommendation comes his doctor if they found she warns him or contagious variant from the UK could become dominant in the U. S by the end of next month. Rachel Sutherland. Box. It made the pandemic Fort Worth golf courses. They're seeing a heightened demand due to stir crazy residents. Dave Lewis with parking Rack says City course has been a lot of time making changes to make it safe for residents and all three Fort Worth courses were able to stay open, allowing any rentals of any kind, including golf cards, golf clubs, pretty much anything that common items there were to be touched by multiple people. We weren't allowing. We took black sticks out of the holes. Bunker rakes out, he says. It's the same time improvements to courses are underway to hell. Keep up with demand. TEXAS BUSINESS Real time numbers on Wall Street The Dow up 90 points NASDAQ Down 11 The SNP 500 Up by three again the high Today in the mid thirties, It is 31 degrees. His news also brought to you by doubt worth clean from the W B A B News desk. America Bushman Your Next update at three o'clock, 24 7 coverage. WB ap dot com. Your latest news, traffic and weather If you're not informed, then you're out of the loop. All you have to do is ask Alexa Open wghp talking 20 w b a p The phone number 800 to 8 P 100 to 8 92 27. I don't I don't get it. Don't get Why Mark Cuban who? You know, I don't really know how folks in Dallas feel about Mark Human. I've always liked him. He's got to. You know, Cem Cem break media out there and and frankly, he seems more libertarian to me, although he has in the past. And I'm a little confused. As to why he suddenly decided to proudly, it seems like proudly announced. That he will no longer allow the national anthem to be played before the maps, games. And so one of the things is I I thought about this. I thought about what the national anthem means, and I do recall. When I was a kid. Going to the Rams Games or the Dodgers Games. I grew up in L. A The Angels games and always standing for the national anthem. I remember With such pride When you remember Rick Monday, I think he was playing for the finish Chicago Cubs, but he was in Dodger Stadium. And this was during the Vietnam War. And a couple of guys jumped out in there in center field, and they're trying to light the American flag on fire in Rick Monday. It wasn't always the fastest of guys. Runs over and rescues the American flag. And it was such an amazing moment and I remember seeing video of that. It's a time and I was just a young kid, very young kid as a matter of fact, and and I watched that to this day, many times because it was such a patriotic moment, because for a lot of us the flag means Lot, and so does the national anthem. And so what? I'm trying to figure out Is one. Why is it that Mark Cuban has now decided that he doesn't want to play the national anthem before the Mavs games? Because as far as I know, He hasn't come out and said, But I think we all know why he's come out and said this. I think that the change because you know he he has said in the past that he would support The playing of the national anthem, and he would support people putting their hand over there but says it was playing the last summer. Cuban said he supported players taking a respectful knee for something they believed in. But he also said Whether it's holding their arm up in the air, Whether it's taking any whatever it is, I don't think there is an issue have respect or disrespect to the flag or to the anthem or to our country. He said. I think this is more of a reflection of our players commitment to this country and the fact that it is so important for them to them and that they were willing to say what's in their heart and do What they think is right, you know, but in 2017 After President Trump criticized NFL players for taking any during the national anthem Cuban at the time so that he would be standing with a hand on his heart. He said. This is America and I'm proud of people who speak out civilly, he said. Those air who that is who we are as a country, Cuban said. I'll be standing there with my hand over my heart. I think the players will be standing, he said. I expect them to be So now, I guess the question is, you know that they had loosened the rules regarding the national anthem and so he hasn't really been playing it. But now all of a sudden he makes this announcement that not only have I not been playing the national the national anthem, but I won't be playing it in the future. And so it's almost like again either. Somebody asked him about it, or he just decided to proudly let folks know And I, for one am disappointed. I'm not surprised, but I'm not disappointed. I will tell you this. I'm not surprised. I am disappointed, but what I would also saying Is that I think the Cuban has been as a lot of the NBA and NFL owners are there under a lot of pressure. From the players. Perhaps the players union is well to do away with the national anthem. You remember all of the of the nonsense going on about the black national anthem, and they're going to play the black national anthem. They're going to play the national anthem. You're gonna have all of these Social justice warrior messages on the side of the court. Now, just so you know, I could give two craps about the MBA. I really don't care. They burned a bridge with me like like I've never seen before, but here's the thing. One of my questions would be And then maybe somebody knows the answer to this. Will they be playing the quote unquote black national anthem Or is it all anthems? They're going to stop playing, Or is it just our beloved national anthem that they're going to stop playing at the Mavs Games? I think that is most certainly a Relevant question. So there's a lot of people that were really angry at what they're deciding to do, and Mavs fans have spoken out. We've got a some audio here, and I think it really does tell the story. The national.

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