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Straightest hitters the golf well. There's only been three players in the last eleven years. Lead strokes gain off of the tee. I'm I'm telling you guys know all this right. It's bubba Watson doesn't Johnson Roy mcelroy. Those are the only three that have led strokes gain off of the tea so crazy. Well they have the moves right. Yeah I mean so they have the moves. There are two hundred plus players out there. There should be still a stigma on the tour. You know like Dustin has has a funky golf swing bubba has a Funky GAW. Swing and Roy was lucky enough to be taught by a sort of a grassroots golf professional so so they were not they didn't come from big time academies they would not be the drivers they are if they did because they would have been taught to some aesthetic ideal and they would have been stripped of their athleticism so they have the moves and that's why they continue to drive the ball better than anybody. I in June so look look it bubble Watson right now bubbas much older than Dustin Johnson but Bubba Watson is the last person in the world. You're going Jim. The okay and he hits the ball further than Dustin Dustin Johnson when they were both thirty two okay so people love to say that he's got free cans and they love to dismiss great success as freakish talent. Not at all I promise. She's not a freak athlete. He certainly not a freak physical specimen. I was on tour when John Daly came out and people like. Oh He's a freak. Like I promise you not a freak week athlete. There's nothing special about his body K. He's five foot eleven and he's overweight and he is. He's he's the only only person that could hit the ball pass. Tiger Woods was John. Daly are now John No business hitting the ball past tiger woods. Tiger Woods is six foot six foot one a physical physical specimen Scott incredible flash bead with his hips. Why can John Daly? Why could John Daly hit the ball further than tiger woods simply because he recruited recruited the movements of his body and he had a more elements of power? Now in no way shape or form. I set up there and talk about John Daly being a better player than tiger woods. There's a lot that goes into that when it comes to link the elements of power are more represented. John Daly swing than tired now. Tiger gets deep into his right hip. Still gets one hundred thirty degrees shoulder turn. He has all those elements without lifting his lead hill But you know the the the the game slowly trending that direction nothing will improve your game better or quicker than picking up twenty yards fifteen yards. There's three examples examples that I I look at that are these are these are what the industry should be. Striving for nineteen ninety. Nick Price was ninety. Seventh and Driving Distance K Nineteen ninety-four. He was sixth. That does not happen. Here you can't do that but he did it now. You only picked up about fifteen yards. But he did it now by switching to another golf ball okay. He was an early he was the old fashioned way right. He was an early adopter of a solid core. Golf Ball meant fifteen yards and it meant from him going to thirty eight in the world. Well I in the world okay. Because nobody else had that he had a secret weapon okay. They weren't switch into it. That's what fifteen yards meant to him. It was an improvement of. I think point nine strokes in scoring average means all the difference in the world on across Sorenstam from two thousand one. Two thousand four picked up twenty four yards and she went from being forty forty fifth and distance to I a distance. She improved her scoring average by one point. Four strokes around now this is consistent with more brody's findings if you find twenty yards and Roy is the perfect example. He's twenty hours longer than the average tour player. You'll pick up all things being equal point seven four so let's call it three quarters of a shot shot. There's no quicker way then. To gain distance in there is no quicker way to gain distance than to simply turn more and that's that's what George Teaches And that's what Lucas teaches experiencing that. Yeah ourselves out there or turn turn and and that posture that you were talking about both of us. Sean could have done a great dead lift from his old posture. Actually it was so bad there was right in front of achieve enlightenment. He was hitting you saying hooks on tonight which is not a familiar now. So what you're saying though. Are you seeing where you're saying. Well you just described. Are you seeing it within your game and to what degree as you're trying to get on play more revive competitive career career. Are you seeing it and to what degree. Yeah I I am You know I I would imagine it's unfortunate. I've got pictures of my swing when I was in college Pity over. I'd love to have video of it but I was closer to doing. These things instinctively don't have video at. Ut well apparently not. I mean maybe maybe there's a exists somewhere video of me playing but I just have pictures and I was. I was closer to how I swing. Now are how I'm trying to swing now. But I've spent my entire tour life playing with a restricted hip. Turn Flex my right knee What what the industry like to call a clip it outside my hands in the hands in front of my body which basically means restricted up return arm near being told to do instructed to do absolutely? There has been told to do that. You know I wouldn't have done it Of My own accord. I was being told to do that. Because that's what was on the cover of Golf Digest in the going. Cover Golf magazine. And it was the X.. Factor actor and he was not in our blaming it. And I'm not even I'm not even faulting. The teachers right. They had they had they certainly. They didn't have alarm and they're limited information on their exposal sites right. They were making a judgment based upon ideas that they had read about and they'd sit in a room and formulate in Hogan's five lesson he talks about the knee doesn't move okay. He talks about the right. Knee doesn't move even said at some point that that was his secret. Mind you hogan through around secrets like Confetti at a wedding secrets anymore. Right I could. I could off off the top of my head. I could just give you four. What he called his secrets So so from that. The Harman's got the idea. And I'm I'm guessing because because Bush was an advocate of keeping the flex and the right name. That's why tiger the Flex Wide Greg Norman had the flex and rainy anyway. Hogan Hogan didn't do that. You know he didn't do that. Sam snead didn't do that. None of them did that. None of them is certainly not Ben Hogan I gotTa show this picture to you. I'll show it to you picture much. Gosh I'm going to show it to great podcasts. But you guys are GonNa go. Wow and this'll be in our Our Presentation Lucas. Now going to do this presentation tomorrow right so here is everybody likes to call Lucas Wall too long. Drive specialist for But this is. I'm I've got a picture of Ben Hogan in nineteen forty seven. Jamie said Lau ski at the top of their golf swing now. Jamie said Laos pound for pound longest hitter that I've ever seen okay now. That's Ben Hogan in nineteen forty seven and that's Jamie said Laos kids a side by side view face-on now Ben Hogan has straightened his right leg his trail leg doc. He's brought the left knee in behind the ball. He's lift the left. He'll and the club is halfway down. Forty forty degrees pass parallel. He won on seven times in nineteen forty seven. This is the year that he discovered his secret his secret who many now he looks identical to Jamie said lounge does does okay. Identical was to be one of the pictures that we post tomorrow. But Jamie has the moves. Hey Jamie has the moves. He had them until he got them. Coached them because all all of a sudden he wanted to play golf so he went to another teacher and they they made him start swinging slower so he used to have a perfect twenty one seven tempo and all of a sudden he's got thirty five seven so genitally q-school right now. I think eleven over in the second stage all right but you can see quite clearly that Hogan and Jamie said allow ski now. Neither of them had video. Well I'm sorry Hogan didn't have video Jamie but Jamie didn't have teacher. He came to that intuitively. Just as Hogan did So that's what that's what we WANNA do right study. What the best study who hits it the farthest who hits it two straight US who hits the most precise and then try to come up with the most anatomically precise terms and then train them Lucas this does a great job at Doing a lot of research on how to train these movements and people who master. Let's say a musical nickel instrument They do it very slowly at first and they master it slowly before they pick up the speed and the tempo so there's a definite training process that must be incorporated corporated into I was talking earlier to Chris Cuomo and he was saying well. You know we've gotTA teach average players. You know I said look that's right I get that okay if if you're trying to teach a novice or beginner player and try to have them where they have some competence in the game right. That's a completely different game. You know what that's like a a psychiatrist trying to teach somebody WHO's dealing with a lot of issues to live a normal life. What what I would make an analogy to what Lucas Lucas and trying to do is trying to get good players to play or exceptional players to be extraordinary? Yeah okay it it. It's almost like sports. Psychology is to psychology. It's like I'm trying to help really good players to do exactly what Cameron Jim Colleges did. which was in a blink of an eye? Get better here. You better Well that's why you being here is why I think it's important because a lot of the people at the summit are focused on helping everyone and that's great that's important. Yeah absolutely but at some point they probably take a little bit of a A stance contrarian stance to what you focus on which you know back in two thousand fourteen at the summit at Duke was like this huge talking point and there's a lot of back and forth about like your for what was in your book and the people in the room. What they are getting all riled up about people got mad people got there but people got mad? You weren't there to keep the take took it really. Well the weird thing but like what I'm getting to is that we can't look for Brando Shambley on Air Gulf channel the analysts to be a teacher February. But you can still provide a very important piece of the instruction industry right. I don't I don't claim to be a teacher church. Although there's party that would love to do it. But I'm under no illusion that I could just walk out to be a great teacher. I think it would take a decade. I think there or is it. It's an art to be able to teach You know I saw on the You Know I. I just had this conversation with Chris Cuomo. I've had numerous times times. I get more than a few calls a year from tour players asking me to work with him and in every single time yes and in every single time I will say. I'm not a teacher. I'll talk theory with you. All talk about golf swing. I'll look at your golf swing and tell you guys but if I was you I would go. Oh find like I can recommend a few teachers. You know I can I can tell you some people that you can go sit down and talk with that can probably point you in the right direction. I could sit here talk theory with you all day long and talk about what I would do if I were in your shoes but I'm I'm not I don't even have the time the teach. I mean it's when I ah a couple of players that were sending me videos and asked me to help them and I thought first of all. This is a lot of pressure Shaikh I. I really do want to help you for me to do that. I would have to spend two three three four days really grind and looking at your stuff going out and watching you hit golf balls spending time with you and it's like I've got work to do. I'm busy and I don't I don't have time to do that. You know you're all in again. Great teachers are all in and great teachers I gave I gave Bradley Hughes a lot of credit. Read it on the air last week. 'cause I started diving into watch Brendon Todd and I watched transformation and Bradley Hughes was able to get him out of the full swing. Yip's there and win a golf tournament. Okay now he did it with the exact opposite thoughts as Mark Blackburn gave Chas Levy. I just saw chess review. I was talking about how you hitting so straight. What's going on? He was like well..

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