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Art of Norwood Sorrento's, John is this Conan car Hawaiian the Hyundai Kona the two thousand and nineteen North American utility vehicle of the year is not Hawaiian at Columbia Hyundai for thirty six months. Lease a new two thousand nine thousand nine hundred cone for just twenty nine a month, other than tax title, twenty three ninety nine due at signing. It has America's best warranty, tenure one hundred thousand mile powertrain warranty and the Hyundai assurance, it's Hyundai spring fever sales event. I Columbia Hyundai at the corner of Montgomery road at I seventy five. Forty nine two thousand see the video at Columbia Hyundai dot com. Aloha for over sixty five years, Woodhall has been the area's best name in copiers. Discover why organizations throughout Cincinnati Dayton, and Columbus partner with Woodhall Enrico to improve their business workflow. If you need a copy, France scan or document management software provider, think would hall Enrico visit us at would whole USA dot com. That's Woodhall USA dot com. It's happening to you. Every night on snores. And the other get sleep. But now there is a quick and easy to use the Lucien a natural solution, snower stop the number one selling anti-smoking medicine in the US. Thank you snore. Stop you. Save my marriage. It's time to try snort stop and make every night of better night for both of you, spray or tablets are available today at Rite Aid, and CVS, or online at snorts dot com. He's breaking news. Brought to you by Woodhall. The best Newman copiers sacks tractor tristate Kubota headquarters furniture, fair, get guaranteed low price or it's free at burner. Fair on seven hundred gallon. Well, the home of the Ray news, traffic, and weather, News Radio seven hundred w ELL Cincinnati. Not using the I word just yet. This is the.

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