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The way for the new harvey weinstein film on on matt lauer narrator bye garrison killer now let's coming oh man okay so that's just the first part of it there's so much more to get into all right so this the other situation james clyburn maple this up because it just gets worse and worse holed up so jayme john genes clapper john conyers seems quavering was defending john conyers john conyers nancy pelosi i guess decided that he wasn't an icon anymore and he is uh he she says he's he needs to resign she says look you've got to resign you've got to go because you're you're a man ho and you paid used taxpayer dollars for your man hope ness and so now and james clyburn even came out and he was defending he was he was defending john conyers and he said that he actually suggested that though if you're elected that you should face a different set of standards and if you're not he was asking he goes other me this is his direct quote quote other men and other industries have faced similar accusations that's what he was well first that he was asked this um and they've got out of the way they resigned they've stepped down harvey weinstein charlie rose matt lauer and they said y you know they're asking why is it different for for john conyers clyburn response quote who elected them and the another question was asked so it's different because he's elected but the elevator doors closed before clyburn could respond so clyburn position is that because john conyers was elected that makes the different i mean you know their special reside stepped down bar faster than here friday goosen's back harvey weinstein charlie rose hour woo the kasese elected roof off off that unsound too good guys that incentive good does not sound who got it all now so there are different they this is what we have always thought for the longest handed elected officials think that they're above the law they think that because there are elected to represent our interests that somehow there are different more special and so they don't have to follow the same several 's everyone else does uh so that's that's that's james clyburn to respond to the john conyers situation an conyers lawyer says he sure as hell won't be pressured by pelosi to resign oh okay yeah he's no he's now he said in the quote was sure as hell that was the.

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