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Out the bucket ears in this game, then we'll remember that and that's gonna be your place in history. That's your sound check. 855 to 1 to four, CBS. 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 or on Twitter, D A on CBS. You guys both picked up on the fact that Bruce Arian said the other 21 guys. I know too. That too. Forget the entire roster for getting to the active roster. He's just talking about those starters. 22 starters. Only 21 around Patrick Holmes. Yes, but isn't modern day football like Don't. We just have more than the starters in there. There's the 18 guys, at least on both sides play on one syriza that where they mix and match tight ends and running backs and wide receivers and everything. Starters are just starters anymore Starters arm or than the 11 guys that come across your screen on the first snap. They're not just jackets anymore, starters or big time starters, your starters. Hey, how about special teams as well? And that's just totally dismissing the special teams. Disrespecting. I guess John Harbaugh has worked to get to Ah, head coach on there. Andy Reid as well, huh? The name is almost done. It's almost cooked up in out of the oven on and we're gonna debut this coming up here after the break, But morass is already getting a little Well, nervous about all of this for your palms sweaty Mom's spaghetti. It's up palms sweaty because I did send you guys the pictures and acknowledge how bad I look at what's coming up, So I want to reveal it, But I will tell you that The more I look, it said Picture the more discussed that I am with life. You're disgusted with life. Yeah, Yeah, I'd like what do you ship No, no, I beat. I don't mean down in the doldrums of Chef where nothing could go, right. But just more of, you know, weird. We did go wrong. And really, why doesn't anybody tell you at the time? The way you look, you know. So I want this other for breakfast now, as opposed to lunch, get it done Even sooner. I did not have dessert yesterday did not All right. Well, we'll dig into this coming up here after the break, but first, a kind, Sir Andrew, Bogus. She has our headlines this morning and you're good morning. How we do it. Was okay until that day, So we're now nine days away from Super Bowl 55. The bad news for the chief's remains left tackle Eric Fisher is torn Achilles. The good news is they've got nine days left. To figure out how to how to stop that Tampa Bay rush Without him, Patrick Mahomes confidence he'll be protected. You have to have trust in those guys up front. They weren't there tell off just like everybody else. And so I felt like they've done a great job all year of going against a lot of good defensive fronts, and for me, I was gonna get the ball in my hand and whatever way possible and not let those guys kind of destroy the Tampa Bay as expected. Antonio Brown remains out of practice with that knee injury. The planet from the ramp things up early next week. He's reportedly on target still to play against the chief's new Texan's head coach David Kelly, expected higher Pep Hamilton as his QB coach, and the Lions reportedly giving that Position to Mark Brunell. It would be his first. Yeah, it would be his first NFL coaching job. What is marked with l've been doing has been coaching like in college or high school or something. No, I think he's just been hanging out. It was on TV for a little bit right and then wasn't and he's had like financial problems, didn't you? I'm making that up and he, like, have some bankruptcy issues from that along the way, I don't know, but that is fascinating. He retired 10 years ago. Grinnell might have just gone from doing some TV part time two quarterbacks coach of the Lions. By the way, the Lions have the only head coach of the NFL. That doesn't know anything. He's not a coordinator, so it's not Ed Campbell doesn't no offense doesn't know defense and now his quarterbacks coach hasn't been a coach in any level, and I assume Burnell might have been a high school coach or something like that. Can you just step into the NFL after 10 years away from the game and be an assistant as focused? Hey, he needs the money. He apparently lost millions because he invested in what a burger No. Yes, it is to him. Yes. What a burger. Apparently, then he needed loans, and he had loan issues. So he has six lawsuits that totaled 24.7 million against them. And you know, because of a bad investment he had on water Burger. Okay, So this is interesting because number one what a burger would strike me as a really good investment. I love those burgers number to whoever loses money on fast food franchises. I mean, America just keeps getting fatter and hungrier for bigger burgers. I would think that's the best investment ever. So I don't know what is investment detail, But I do know that he put $9 million into the popular face food chain and lost every dime of man that sucks. Wow. Now, then, can you have two jobs needed it out throwing him? A flyer said Okay, so it's weakened his Wikipedia. His Wikipedia says that he was an assistant. At a high school in Jacksonville in 2012, then a 2013 became the head football coach at Episcopal High School in Jacksonville. In 2030 and 2014, so I don't think he's been a coach since 2014. So that's like six or seven years, but at least he's got some coaching background. Although High school head coach two quarterbacks coach of the NFL seems like a little bit of a leap here. Yeah, And this is like Joe Judge on steroids. Jo Jo's giving guys 2nd 3rd chances as like a defense of quality control Coach Mark Burnett is to be the QB coach of the Lions Post, Matthew Stafford. Man. Oh cheese, Roy Burnell filed bankruptcy. Oh, man, so he needs He needs the money. He hasn't been a coach, and now he's got a head coat. That doesn't know anything. This is gonna be a tough spot for the Lions in l feel anybody right now. Absolutely getting a burger for lunch today. So, by the way, is from one of its Chris Spielman running the team, or was he just part of the search committee there? No, He has a job, but he's not. He's not a football side of things. He's on the business side of things. Yeah, in front office brought your brand Holmes is the GM. I don't know what Spielman's title is, but it's a permanent job. It wasn't just to help them find the new GM. And I'm pretty sure they hired John Dorsey now too, and some rules endorses in that front office. So it's interesting that Spielman is in this front office, or at least he's within the organization. They kind of trusted him to look for the GM and look for the head coach because Spielman Was coming from TV. And so I wonder if it's like, Hey, the former players that Used to be on TV was kind of hook him up a little bit. I mean, See if Tony Roma becomes the offensive coordinator. Now he'd make way less money, so we couldn't do that. Uh, e work way harder to wait, make way less money. He's not taking that job. Some NBA last night after starting 10 for 10 on the road, the Lakers have now lost their on back to back nights. First Philly, then last night's one or 2 97 defeat in Detroit. L. A went nearly seven minutes without a point in the fourth quarter. Ella's other team fared a bit better in Miami. Outside, but to mother right wing.

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