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End and just like that, it's gone. Cruz this morning loaded up stanch of Christopher Columbus outside City Hall onto a flatbed trailer of a semi truck to take the stand to and put it into storage. Mayor and you get there call for the statue to be removed, citing the need to embrace diversity get the Ransom Columbus Art Commission to come up with a new original piece of artwork to replace the statue, which had been outside City Hall for decades. New York City Council and Mayor Bill de Blasio agreed. A budget terms that included $1 billion cut to the bpd cuts mean the July police recruiting class will be canceled overtime reduced and plans for a new precinct station in Rockaway scrapped They're de Blasio says the $1 billion cut from the police Department will go to summer youth programming, education and nights of rec centers, Among other things, we have to keep the city safe. We have to protect the levels of patrol strength throughout our communities, and we had to make sure that we were really doing something to refocus. Resource is on young people, and he says he believes the budget does all of those. Scott Pringle, NBC News Radio, New York, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Kaze O. Cortez is not happy with that move, saying it doesn't go far enough, she said in a statement. Quote de funding police means to funding police unquote Mississippi one step closer to having a new flag design Governor Tate Reeves signed the legislation and scraps of design that included a Confederate War emblem and appoint a commission and come up with a new designed to present to voters in November, Reeves says he knows some are uncomfortable. They fear a chain reaction of events erasing our history. A history that is no doubt complicated and in perfect I understand those concerns, and I'm determined to protect Mississippi from that dangerous outcome, Brief says. During the last few weeks of social unrest, he and the Legislature of heard from people in a state who repent who were pained by the old design. Ah plans in place or Columbus City school students to return the classes fall, albeit only a few days a week. ABC Sixes Kaylie Gunderson's two students and grades K through eight will be in class two days a week. This requires two days of learning in the classroom and three days of learning remotely. Students will be divided into two Two groups, whether at school, so only half of the students will be in the school. On certain days. Students in the same household will be in class on the same days for the high schools. The recommendations for remote learning to continue full time for at least the 1st 2/4 Teachers and staff will be required to wear a mask while masks for students has recommended and would be required on the bus. The planets still pending additional guidance from the state, an authorization from the unions. To the new Corona virus. Hot spots of registering record numbers of cases again, California recorded over 8000 new infections of the respiratory illness. It's the third time in eight days that a new record has been set in California were about 6000 people have died from covert 19. Texas also recorded more cases than it's ever had in a day at nearly 7000. Both states have taken steps to curb the growth, including shutting down bars. Lisa Taylor, NBC news radio Beginning today, passenger vehicles in the state of Ohio are no longer required to have a front license plate. The provision was part of the two year transportation budget that was passed and signed into long last year. The move will reportedly saved ST roughly $1.5 million a year. Commercial vehicles are still required to have a front plate radio 6 10 w TVN Sports Major League baseball camps, including the Indians and Red's Open today, beginning preparations for the 60 game season, But there will be no Clippers season. Minor league Baseball. Officially announcing yesterday that games are cancelled. The TVT summertime basketball tournament begins a nationwide arena Saturday. Oh issue product and picker. Intense J. Shaun Tait was going to play for the Big X team but is tested positive for covert, 19 4 Buckeye offensive lineman Make the bed. Attends all decade football team Current Buckeye Wyatt Davis. Also Billy Price, our first teamers pedal Flynn and Taylor Decker second team from the central Ohio Honda Dealer. Sports Desk Recordings Radio 6 10 W TV and I'm Scott.

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