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Maskey this what are you listening to listen to the senator byrd talk about ted ted kennedy chases christ good oh ask you a question yeah doodoo friend do kennedy this is on the floor marginally funny very funny if you listen to hold things three minutes long and he's like crying and you should feel sag an old man but then you don't really feel sad because he's a blowhard good how cynical as he starts crying weeping by the going to here's a question i thought of during this movie when i thought you know the world could be very different if that primary gone differently of george w bush or would it have do you think the world would be any i've been saying that question oh i am that cynical i've been saying this since the very beginning because i see people losing their fucking shit educated smart people you know my elders i really believe now this is coming i'm a white man who are middle class so perhaps this is my own lenses they say but i do believe that if in the time i was born every presidential election went the other way i would still be sitting at the table doing these exact same thing that i'd be doing now maybe that's a white privilege privilege thing but i do believe that yeah and i could be completely wrong because i've also seen the simpsons where they go back in time and homer everything gets ruined so there's that so of course it goes over the two thousand eight election a very sad sort of coda to his political career is upset a lot of people who really care deeply about politics my wife being one of them she doesn't listen to this all forgot to tell us dorey and i was gonna tell it to you on this because my wife doesn't listen to this so i could tell it after this.

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